Host A Community Fundraising Event



Thank you for your interest in hosting a Community Fundraising Event to support Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC). Your fundraiser plays a pivotal role in sustaining our renowned Patient Navigation services, which are offered to every client, completely free of charge. As part of a collective effort from our community fundraising partners, over $250,000 was raised during the last calendar year. Together we can make a meaningful impact on those in our community who are affected by breast cancer.

The efforts of our diverse community partners have led to a wide range of Community Fundraising Events. These events play a vital role in generating funds to support BCRC's mission. Individuals, organizations, and companies find creative ways to raise funds, from workout competitions to school events, shopping parties, food sales, t-shirt sales, and more. These collaborative efforts not only raise significant funds but also raise awareness about BCRC.

The Community Fundraising Event Guide below provides helpful step-by-step information to get you started with success. Please register your fundraiser at your earliest convenience to collect your toolkit and gain the opportunity to be included in BCRC's Community Fundraising Events Calendar. Click the button below to get started!

Please contact Phyllis Rose, at with questions about how you can be a BCRC Community Partner and make an incredible impact on the lives of those in the Central Texas community who have affected by breast cancer.

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