BCRC Patient Navigators are breast cancer survivors who are trained and certified as Community Health Workers (CHW) through the state of Texas and Certified Navigator- Breast Advocate (CN-BA) credentialing through the National Consortium of Breast Centers.

Your patient navigator is your personal breast cancer guide to help manage the complexities such as financial impact, changes to everyday activities, and emotions of a breast cancer diagnosis in either English or Spanish. Your patient navigator empowers you to self-advocate from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment, and beyond.

To Access Our Services and Programs, and Become a BCRC Client

Please complete our intake form or call our hotline at 512-524-2560.


Annie C.

BCRC Client

I will never forget the calm that came upon me when I met her and left the resource center. I knew I had a sanctuary to go to for all my questions.

Patient Navigator One-on-One Support


Guide and support clients to navigate the complexities of the diagnosis

Patient navigators are here to address your concerns and to support you by either by phone, in person or by electronic communication.   Your patient navigator provides direct support tailored to your needs with check ins at every stage of treatment and beyond. Communicating with loved ones during a health crisis can be challenging.  Your patient navigator will guide you on how to effectively communicate with family, friends, children, and employer.


Refer to BCRC’s network of partners for additional services

For services that BCRC does not provide, we refer out to our local, regional and national community partners to fill in the gaps (children’s services, counseling, nutrition, insurance, hereditary cancer, fertility, integrative therapy, exercise, financial assistance for living/treatment assistance, etc)


Identify and discuss expectations for cancer experience

A cancer diagnosis can disrupt daily life.  Patient navigators can address employment concerns, mobility, how to manage the household, parenting while in treatment, and pet care needs.  Being diagnosed with breast cancer and having treatment can affect your mental health by bringing on a range of emotions. Your patient navigator, survivors themselves, can help you address these emotions with one-on-one support, ways to cope, and resources.

To Access Our Services and Programs, and Become a BCRC Client

Please complete our intake form or call our hotline at 512-524-2560.

Everyday Support Resources

*BCRC may provide these everyday support services:

Food – meals for those in treatment​

Cleaning Services – home cleaning services to those in treatment

Emergency Financial Assistance – Limited assistance for living and treatment expenses for those in treatment who qualify based on household income

*Supported by generous donors and based on funding and availability

Referrals to Mission Support Partners for everyday support services:

Health Insurance

Financial assistance for medical and living expenses



Psychosocial support

Health, Wellness and Integrative Care

Recovery items - for surgery recovery

Note: This is not a comprehensive list, contact your patient navigator for additional support services

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