BCRC Navigators are trained in local and national resources and will work with you directly to provide practical guidance and help replace fear, anxiety and doubt with information, options and hope.

BCRC One on One Support

One on One Support

Your BCRC Navigator is your personal breast cancer guide. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in treatment, or on the road to recovery - if you have questions, she’ll help you get the answers.

  • We're survivors ourselves.  Our Navigators use their own frame of reference as survivors of breast cancer to help you understand your current situation.
  • We’re bilingual.  We have both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking Navigators. We're available to you in person, over the phone, and through email. 
  • Our level and depth of care depends on YOU.  If you have a few questions about your diagnosis or treatment options, we can help with a phone call or email. If you need a BCRC Navigator to go to your doctor appointments with you, plan for surgery, and prepare for how you’ll feel afterward, we can do that too.
  • We're not bound by bricks and mortar.  We can meet you at our office, a doctor's office, or even a coffee shop - whatever is easiest for you.  We can also help you regardless of who your healthcare provider is or where you are receiving treatment. If you change your provider, we’ll change with you.
Support Circles

Support Circles

No one understands breast cancer quite like another woman with breast cancer. BCRC Support Circles provide a safe, supportive environment in which to share your stories, voice your questions, and nurture one another through the highs and the lows of breast cancer. 

  • Dedicated groups customized to YOU.  BCRC offers a range of Support Circles that take into account your age, your primary language, and the stage of your disease.
  • A safe, compassionate environment.  Every Support Circle is facilitated by a BCRC Navigator who is trained to help the group keep perspective on shared stories and separate fact from fiction.
  • Offered in-person or online.  BCRC Support Circles exist as both in-person groups hosted at various locations throughout Greater Austin (including Georgetown and Round Rock), and through private online forums.

BCRC’s Support Circle Program is generously underwritten by our long term partner, Randalls.

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Read a personal reflection from one of our clients.

Hear from Our Clients


"I attended a luncheon where I was finally able to meet people that knew exactly how I felt and what I needed to hear. It was such a relief to have a group of women that "got it" and didn't tell me to be brave or keep fighting, but just listened, laughed and cried with me.  It forever changed my outlook." - Marisol Avila, BCRC Client

BCRC“When I was diagnosed, the first thing I wanted to do was find the experts! No one is more of an expert than those brave women who have traveled this road prior to me. The BCRC and the women I have met on this journey bring the nightmares to a manageable state and offer the best map to navigate the ever growing snowball of information.” - Lisa McVey, BCRC Client

BCRC“My Navigator was patient and gave me guidance and information that helped me feel in control of a situation that was terrifying.  I was able to develop a plan and was ready with what I needed to do and questions to ask for Monday morning." - Christina Bowers, BCRC Client

BCRC"BCRC has been a safe haven for helpful information and support to help navigate my way through various decisions and experiences and in times of need during this long and complicated process." - Lisa Cartier, BCRC Client

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