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Thank you for arranging the most wonderful volunteers to help get me to all my appointments and for delivering the delicious food. It was a life-saver having my volunteer not only take me to my first chemo, but stay with me during her shift there. I was so scared and she really helped calm my fears. S.T., BCRC Client (not pictured)

Help Our Clients

Client support volunteers have the opportunity to make a direct impact with the women we serve! They are at the heart of our mission -  improving the lives of thousands of women living in Central Texas.

AsSisters Volunteer BCRC

Become an AsSister

This program pairs clients with trained volunteers to provide assistance and companionship during treatment, after surgery, healing, or during any time of need. Imagine being unable to shop for groceries because you’re recovering from surgery? Or facing fines from your HOA for not being able take care of your lawn during treatment? AsSisters can help here.

AsSisters volunteers work directly with BCRC clients to help with various tasks – from delivering meals, mowing lawns, to grocery shopping, and more. And when what's needed most is someone to listen and provide companionship, AsSisters volunteers meet these needs too.

  • Great for volunteers who need flexibility!
  • Does not require a long-term commitment or dedicated schedule
  • Further training is required
Infusion Room Support

Give Infusion Room Support

Infusion Room volunteers spend a few hours each week visiting with patients while they are receiving treatment. Chemo treatment can sometimes lasts for hours and many patients don’t have family or friends who are able to provide the companionship that can make these appointments easier to bear.

Our kind and compassionate volunteers make a huge and genuine difference for all patients in the infusion room, not just those with breast cancer! They share in conversation, provide comfort and care, and help relieve anxiety, fear and boredom. 

  • BCRC volunteers staff the Infusion Room at Texas Oncology Centers in Austin and Round Rock
  • Volunteers choose from available shifts at each location
  • Further on-site training is required

Can you provide transportation to women in the rural communities surrounding Austin?

Help Out At Events

Every year, our volunteers talk and interact with thousands of event guests as stewards of BCRC - expanding our organization's ability to reach more audiences and help more women. Many of our clients have reached out to us specifically because they learned about us from one of our event volunteers!

BCRC Speakers Bureau

Join Our Speakers' Bureau

Are you a BCRC client or have you benefited from BCRC services? Do you like to talk to people about your passion for this organization? BCRC's Speakers Bureau is a trained group of volunteers who attend a variety of events to speak on behalf of the organization.

Our Speakers are instrumental in inspiring and educating event audiences about who BCRC is and what we do. They tell powerful stories about BCRC's impact on the lives of women with breast cancer, connecting the audience to our mission in a truly personal and unique way.

  • Great for volunteers who love to interact with diverse groups of people
  • Further training is required
  • Once trained, volunteers are requested on an as-needed basis
BCRC Volunteer

Represent BCRC at Outreach Events

Throughout the year and especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), we receive hundreds of requests to attend community outreach events vital to our mission. Outreach Volunteers are the face and voice of BCRC at these events. 

Outreach Volunteers help out at various types of events such as health fairs, volunteer fairs, independent fundraisers, benefits and more. They are trained to represent BCRC and talk with event guests about our mission, how we serve clients, hand out informational material, and act as an ambassador for the organization. 

  • Great for volunteers who love to interact with diverse groups of people
  • Further training is required
  • Once trained, volunteers are requested on an as-needed basis

Volunteer at a Fundraising Event

Event Volunteers are vital to the success of BCRC and BCRC-affiliated fundraising events. They work both behind-the-scenes and on the front lines to provide positive guest experiences and help us achieve the events' maximum fundraising potential. These opportunities are great for people looking to volunteer as part of a group, such as co-workers, family members, a school, or club.

We need volunteers for a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, including but not limited to: Pink In The Rink (February), Art Bra Austin (June), The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride (September), Scare for a Cure (October), and Pulling for Pink (October). Not all events require prior training.

  • Great for volunteer groups
  • Further training is not always required (depends on the event)
  • Volunteers requested on an as-needed basis
Every Tuesday, (the BCRC volunteer) is there...to make sure our personal needs are met. She gets us water, blankets and pillows. She helps us to the restroom when we're weak and wobbly. Her most treasured gift, is taking the time to talk and making sure we're comfortable.

How To Get Started

If you're interested in volunteering at BCRC, you can get started by completing our online Volunteer Application form. If you're unsure about how you'd like get involved or the level with which you can commit - that's okay! Complete our form the best you can and we'll contact you to explore what's right for you!

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Step 2

Complete Online Volunteer Form
By completing our online form, you'll be added to our volunteer email list and notified about upcoming volunteer opportunities and training options. Your form submission will also trigger initial contact from our Director of Volunteer Services, who can help answer your questions and guide you to the role that's right for you!

Online Volunteer Form

Attend Volunteer Orientation
After your form is submitted, our Director of Volunteer Services will reach out to you directly about the next date for Volunteer Orientation, which is required for almost all volunteer positions. At orientation, you'll have the chance to learn more about BCRC, our various volunteer roles, and if you'll need any additional training to fulfill the role of your choosing.

Got Questions?

Still unsure about how you can help?  Perhaps you have a a unique skill, talent or passion you'd like to share?  We want to hear from you!  Please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, for any questions or inquiries about volunteering at BCRC.

Ray Anne Evans

BCRC volunteers are the best! They allow us to extend our reach in ways we couldn’t have imagined eleven years ago when I came on staff. They are ambassadors for us in both public and private settings, representing us so well to the medical community and the community at large. We are grateful to each and every one of you; we truly couldn’t be as effective as we are without your commitment of time and skills. - Ray Anne Evans, Executive Director at BCRC

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