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Volunteers are a vital part of the Breast Cancer Resource Center. While there is a continued need for volunteers, BCRC’s priority is the health and safety of our clients, their families, our volunteers, and staff. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, BCRC currently has limited volunteer opportunities available.

A breast cancer diagnosis, for some of our clients, can be the most vulnerable time in their lives. The uncertainty of this illness is challenging and finding the support of the Breast Cancer Resource Center can truly be a lifeline. The normalcy of day-to-day life has changed to planning and preparing for the next doctor’s visit, surgery, or treatment. We provide support and comfort throughout treatment and beyond.

BCRC welcomes community members as well as current and previous clients to participate in one of the several opportunities below!


Infusion Room

Infusion Rooms

Focus on improving the patient and caregiver experience. Assist those receiving treatment and staff when needed.


Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers

Assist with event execution, including working with Volunteer Manager and Development Team. Facilitate with volunteer support and community outreach.


Speakers Bureau (Clients Only)

Speakers Bureau (Open to Clients Only)

Help spread our mission and educate others by sharing your personal story, your journey with BCRC and who we are as an organization.

Want to organize and host a fundraiser to raise money for BCRC? Click here.

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Please complete the volunteer application below if you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities. Once your application has been completed, you will be added to our volunteer email list and notified about upcoming opportunities and trainings.​

“Volunteers deserve a special recognition. They give hours of themselves and their lives to come and be with our patients. What a wonderful gift they have to put others first during some free hours. That gift is immeasurable and can make a world of a difference to one person that is dealing with a tough battle.”

"Our volunteers are really part of the heart of our center. They bring with them a genuine passion, concern and understanding about our patients and handle them with absolute grace. Many of them have personal experience with cancer and are able to bring that deeper level of understanding which in turn helps out our patients like no other person can. Not only are they a smiling happy face to hand out resources and goods from around our center, but they can be a great listening ear when staff is too busy to be so."

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