Community Education and Outreach Program



Breast Cancer Resource Center’s community education and outreach program is focused on improving breast cancer knowledge, promoting engagement of community organizations & partners, and strengthening the community by addressing the needs of breast cancer patients, survivors, and metastatic patients.

BCRC hosts several webinars a year that aim to educate physicians, nurses, community health workers, behavioral health professionals, social workers, and partners about best practices regarding the needs of YBCS and MBC patients to improve their practice.

BCRC created a multi-lesson course for Community Health Workers (CHW) that focuses on the unique needs of young survivors. Psychosocial impacts of breast cancer topics include: The impact a diagnosis has on emotional health, the effects on family and friends, and common challenges after treatment ends.

University Collaborations

We are thrilled to partner with the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

BCRC partners with universities to educate healthcare professionals and allied health workers, as well as to create, disseminate, and publish survey findings and research.

Subject Matter Experts for Breast Cancer Education​

BCRC collaborates with well-known subject matter experts within our community to deliver information on relevant topics via our Ask the Experts! Seriesvideo resource library and blogs.

Community Presentations

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