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Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) is a community-based non-profit serving Central Texans since 1995. Strengthened by our mission to empower those affected by breast cancer with personalized support and compassion and in collaboration with our community partners, BCRC envisions a future where no one faces breast cancer alone.

BCRC offers individualized, client-centered care from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, and into survivorship. Through our pillars of support - Guidance, Education, and Peer Support Groups, BCRC’s Certified Patient Navigators, who are all breast cancer survivors themselves, empower those affected by breast cancer to become active and knowledgeable participants in their healthcare. All BCRC programs and services are offered at no cost to our clients and their loved ones.

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BCRC’s mission is to empower those affected by breast cancer with personalized support and compassion.


Our vision is a world where no one faces breast cancer alone.

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Our BCRC Community

Mission Services

Mission Services

It is our priority to guide our clients through breast cancer with our individualized patient navigation services. 

Support Groups &
Online Forums

Support Groups & Online Forums

Support groups and online forums are offered in Spanish and English, for young women diagnosed at 45 and younger, our Black clients, and those living with metastatic breast cancer.



BCRC offers a variety of educational opportunities to make sure you and your loved ones have access to the most up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information.



Your patient navigator is your personal breast cancer guide to help manage the complexities such as financial impact, changes to everyday activities, and emotions of a breast cancer diagnosis in either English or Spanish.



Our Patient Navigators are here to provide guidance and education at all stages of survivorship, including after treatment has ended and if you face a recurrence.



BCRC welcomes community members as well as current and previous clients to participate in one of the several opportunities below!

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