Patient Navigation



BCRC’s customized patient navigation services help clients replace fear, anxiety, and doubt with information, options, and hope.

Our certified Patient Navigators are breast cancer survivors themselves, and strive to empower those touched by breast cancer in their healthcare decisions. We understand the process, and are here to address your concerns, either by phone, in person, or by electronic communication.

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• Patient Navigator One-on-One Support

• Support Groups & Online Forums

• Referrals to Partners

We Can Help You With

  • Communication struggles with care team & loved ones
  • Medical system challenges
  • Coping with emotions
  • Financial concerns or questions
  • Treatment recovery items


• Patient Navigator One-on-One Education
• Informational Classes
• Resources: Video Library & Blogs

We offer a variety of educational opportunities to make sure you have access to the most up - to - date, relevant, and accurate information.

  • Newly Diagnosed Education
  • Treatment Education
  • Survivorship Education
  • Metastatic Education
  • Male Breast Cancer Education


BCRC Client

My patient navigator was a huge support, especially at the time of my initial diagnosis. She was calm and reassuring and did an excellent job of answering my questions. I highly recommend having a patient navigator at every step in this journey. I look forward to speaking with my navigator and have appreciated the support and practical assistance. This diagnosis has been overwhelming, and my navigator has helped me stay focused.

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