Breast cancer is complex and so is the information surrounding the disease. BCRC offers access to a variety of educational opportunities - free of charge - on a wide-range of important topics to every woman who calls our helpline.

ABC Program

After Breast Cancer (ABC)

After Breast Cancer is a 6-week course focused on issues related to the survivorship phase of breast cancer. BCRC Navigators invite subject matter experts to share information on common concerns and discuss the different challenges that occur after treatment ends.

  • Available at both our Austin and Round Rock locations
  • Typical class size of 6-10 participants
  • Offered multiple times throughout the year
  • Pre-registration is necessary, please RSVP by contacting BCRC

Video Resources

Get trusted information on the topics you care about from our video resource library.

Learn directly from the EXPERTS with our medical guest blog series

  • Infusion Room Support

"I will never forget the calm that came upon me when I met her and left the resource center. I knew I had a sanctuary to go to for all my questions." - Annie C., BCRC Client

"Ultimately, the women in my class - young and older, single and married, representing all the different treatments - became a second family. The knowledge I obtained brought me peace of mind about my diagnosis and what to expect in the future. The class helped me change my narrative - to obtain a more positive outlook regarding my diagnosis and my life." - Mary P., BCRC client

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