Breast cancer is complex and so is the information surrounding the disease. BCRC offers a variety of educational opportunities to make sure you and your loved ones have access to the most up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information.  Our educational programs and patient navigators help give you confidence and a sense of control whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, in survivorship or living with metastatic breast cancer.

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Annie C.

BCRC Client

I will never forget the calm that came upon me when I met her and left the resource center. I knew I had a sanctuary to go to for all my questions.

Patient Navigator One-on-One Education


Teach effective communication skills so clients can self-advocate when having discussions with providers and care teams

Your patient navigator can help formulate questions for you to ask your doctors at every stage of treatment.


Suited to your specific needs, they will prepare you with the appropriate language, and questions to discuss your healthcare provider.


Learn and understand the language of cancer and treatment

Your patient navigator can help interpret the medical terminology used by your doctors, into language and conversations you can more easily understand. They can even provide helpful preparation for upcoming treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Health insurance can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. Patient Navigators can prepare you with language/ questions to discuss with your financial counselor and patient benefit representative. They can also assist you with accessing and understanding your insurance coverage, the difference between copay, deductibles, or out of pocket expenses, and more. 

To Access Our Services and Programs, and Become a BCRC Client

Please complete our intake form or call our hotline at 512-524-2560.

Educate and Empower Clients to Make Informed Healthcare Decisions

No one is ever prepared to receive a breast cancer diagnosis. We know the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming and frightening. Breast Cancer Resource Center has combined information and tools to better understand a diagnosis and empower patients to ask questions and get the answers they need. 

*Open to all who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer within the last month of a class being offered. 

Where: Virtual via ZOOM 

When: 2nd Tuesday of every month 

Time: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM CT 

Newly Diagnosed Classes - Slides

Newly Diagnosed: Next Steps

Learn how BCRC can help you, breast cancer basics, types of treatment, practical resources, and items to consider before starting treatment.

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To Access Our Services and Programs and Become a BCRC Client

Please complete our intake form or call our hotline at 512-524-2560.

Online Resources

We work with experts in healthcare and wellness to provide you with trusted information regarding your medical, emotional, practical and lifestyle concerns.

Take control of your health and be your own self-advocate with help from our video resource library, blogs, and trusted cancer specific sources.


Video Resource Library

Hear from experts and breast cancer survivors on topics including Advance Care Planning, Emotional and Physical Health, Insurance, Treatment, and Community Resources.


Read about the newest advances and updates regarding breast cancer treatments and survivorship.

Local and National Resources

Identify resources to assist with insurance, affordable healthcare services/clinics, integrative care, low cost/sliding scale mental health therapy, cancer resources, fertility, and additional treatment support.
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