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"Is Flat For You?" Panel DiscussionNovember 202053m 59sView
Belleza, Amor e IntimidadNovember 202035m 58sView
Capturing Your Wisdom for Loved Ones: Create a One-of-a-Kind Legacy VideoNovember 202021m 29sView
Advance Care Planning: What it is and Why it is importantOctober 202025m 02sView
The 3 Ds of Advance Care Planning-DiscussOctober 202022m 28sView
The 3 Ds of Advance Care Planning-Decide Part 1October 202018m 54sView
The 3 Ds of Advance Care Planning-Decide Part 2October 202011m 39sView
The 3 Ds of Advance Care Planning-DocumentOctober 202039m 35sView
Grief & Loss from a Diagnosis and TreatmentJune 202022m 30sView
Metastatic Breast Cancer & GriefOctober 202017m 02sView
Cancer & Health Insurance CoverageJune 202015m 05sView
Cáncer y la Cobertura de Seguro MédicoAugust 202021m 09sView
Interview with a Radiation Oncologist during COVID-19April 20205m 47sView
Interview with a Breast Surgical Oncologist during COVID-19April 202016m 17sView
Interview with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon during COVID-19April 202014m 06sView
Interview with a Medical Oncologist during COVID-19April 202022m 53sView