Lauren and Evan’s Story – In the Blink of an Eye


As we look forward to our 25th year and beyond, it is with the greatest respect that we share these intimate glimpses into the lives of the women and their families whom we are honored to support, and whose lives YOU transform with your donations. We are grateful to each of you who make this possible. Ray Anne Evans, Executive Director

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The day after I had my baby girl I noticed a strange change in my body....

My breastfeeding journey was a difficult one and so the morning I woke up with a tender armpit and a lump in my breast, I chalked it up to a clogged milk duct. But it was something more massive than I ever thought possible.

The day after my baby turned 1, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. My world stopped. I could hardly breathe. All I could see were my girls and my breast surgeon immediately referred me to the BCRC and I am forever grateful.

The BCRC helped me navigate the very complicated world of cancer. They prepared me mentally and physically for chemo and radiation, got me a recliner needed for recovery after reconstructive surgery, and made sure I was connected with their support groups and other survivors like myself. They helped put food on the table when our thoughts and finances were focused on fighting the cancer, and they arranged for therapy for our entire family to cope with the devastating challenges we faced. They made sure Christmas was provided for our family when we had no way financially to do that. The joy we saw in our daughters' eyes that day, is something that will live in our hearts forever.

One of my favorite experiences has been as a model for Art Bra® Austin. I've struggled with confidence and this event helped me push past my fears and rock the confidence I had lacked. I finally felt truly beautiful and confident in my skin despite facing such a terrifying battle.

Through the BCRC I've made so many friends with whom I am linked for life. Their mission of no one facing breast cancer alone rings true, and has become a mission of my own as well.

On behalf of our entire family and the other families you support with your donations, thank you, we are grateful. Lauren and Evan Wiatrek

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