Jennifer and Amber – A Sister’s Story

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As we look forward to our 25th year, we reflect on all the women who touch our souls and will live in our hearts forever.  It is with the greatest respect that we share these intimate glimpses into the lives of the women and their caregivers whom we are honored to support, and whose lives YOU transform with your donations.

Gratefully with your help, here’s to 25 years and beyond…… Ray Anne Evans, Executive Director

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On January 10, 2012, life changed forever. The doctor walked in, with tears in her eyes, and said the words no one wants to hear: “You have breast cancer.”

The next nine months were a whirlwind of doctor appointments, tests, and hospital waiting rooms. See, the “you” with the breast cancer diagnosis was not me; it was my little sister, Amber. She was 26, unmarried, and while we both lived in Houston, our parents did not, so I became her main caregiver, what we later termed her co-survivor. The stress, worry, and help she needed were immense, and although I would never call it a burden, it was draining for me. 

After a short 23 months of being “cancer-free,” she was re-diagnosed with metastases to her bones, lungs and liver and we started down the path again. 

Luckily, this time we both lived in Austin and had access to the wonderful people at the Breast Cancer Resource Center. Through the BCRC, we met a fantastic group of women who were a lifeline for her and for myself as well. They knew what we were both going through and were always there to lend a helping hand, or just an understanding ear. 

Unfortunately, Amber passed only 14 months after her metastatic diagnosis. The welcoming arms of the BCRC and the support systems they have created haven’t gone anywhere though, and I have become even more involved myself, inspired by Amber’s desire to give back to the breast cancer community. 

The work of the BCRC is invaluable – a resource that is rarely found elsewhere. Even in the giant city of Houston, there was NOTHING like the BCRC. I am only one, of so many, who can attest to the good works of the BCRC.  As long as I am able, I will give back to the BCRC – in memory of Amber, and in honor of so many others – and I urge you to do the same.   

On behalf of everyone you touch with your generosity….thank you,
Jennifer Franz

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