Our volunteers make a huge impact in our community!

Our volunteers are valued partners who are crucial to our ability to accomplish our mission. Without volunteers, we simply couldn't do what we do. If you are interested in volunteering or attending volunteer training (required for many of our client support volunteer programs), please contact Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteer Services at /512.426.9687

Client Support Volunteer Programs
 (*indicates volunteer training is needed to participate)

AsSisters Volunteer Program*

This program pairs clients with trained volunteers (who have passed a background and driving check) to provide assistance during treatment, after surgery, healing, or during any time of need. The program's goal is to improve the well-being and quality of life for clients by removing barriers to treatment and healing by easing pain, stress and worry.

This important program facilitates healing and eases stress and worry by providing volunteers to clean house, do yard work, shop for groceries, run errands, pick-up prescriptions, do laundry, deliver food, prepare meals and more - all things clients should not and sometimes cannot do.

SInce public transportation is often cost prohibitive for those needing daily treatment and is not practical or possible for many clients; the AsSisters volunteers also provide transportation services. And sometimes what's needed most is someone to listen and provide companionship. AsSisters volunteers meet these needs too.

To ensure success, this program is comprised of a diverse group of volunteers with many talents and varied availability so your participation does not require a long-term commitment or dedicated schedule.

Oncology Infusion Room Program*

This program situates trained volunteers in multiple oncology infusion rooms with the goal of improving the experience of patients receiving treatment. Infusion Room Volunteers provide whatever a patient needs most at the time: physical comfort like a warm blanket, emotional comfort like a conversation, laughter, and listening, or help finding resources and information.

Oncology Resource & Support Classes*

Trained volunteers conduct informational classes for patients and caregivers at several oncology locations. The goal of this program is to ensure no one falls through the cracks during the course of treatment. Oncology Resource and Support Volunteers supply patients and caregivers with information on local resources, provide needed support during treatment, and facilitate a connection with the practice's social worker.


This program provides trained volunteers - who are also breast cancer survivors - to return calls to those who call our Helpline after hours, on weekends and holidays. Helpline volunteers extend the time we are available to serve clients, and ensure that callers who are newly diagnosed or otherwise in crisis have someone who understands to talk with and help ease stress, fear, anxiety and worry.

Speaker's Bureau*

Our Speaker's Bureau volunteers serve as ambassadors and advocates at 3rd party fundraisers and outreach events, especially during the extremely busy period between September and October in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Speaker's Bureau volunteers have proven to be extremely effective at connecting an audience to our mission and we rely on them to extand our reach to as many people as possible in our service area.


General Volunteer Opportunities

BCRC Resource Tote Program

BCRC distributes between 800-1000 Resource Totes annually to those diagnosed with breast cancer. These helpful totes contain information about BCRC services, a Certified Patient Navigator's card, a healing pillow and more. Volunteer opportunities associated with this program include assembling the totes and delivering them to physician's offices.


Events are a great way to volunteer! Our signature event - Art Bra Austin - requires a small army of volunteers. Our 3rd-party fundraisers do, too. Along with our generous benefactors and partners, we need your participation to make these events successful. Event volunteers will need to attend a BCRC overview training prior to the event.

Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting

We have dedicated, talented seamstresses who volunteer to make pillows, post-surgical camisoles and other comfort and healing items for our clients. Small, specialty pillows provide comfort and aid healing after surgery, radiation and other procedures. Post-surgical camisoles are designed with pockets to accommodate post-surgical drains and are instrumental to a patient's recovery. Interested volunteers can join established sewing groups or you can create items on your own.

Special Projects

Please contact us if you have a unique skill, talent or passion that you would like to share. We have a variety of special projects we need help with from time to time - and you might be exactly who we need!