Volunteer Accomplishments for 2013, by Director of Volunteer Services Phyllis Rose

phyllis Phyllis Rose,
Director of Volunteer Services

Congratulations and our most sincere thanks to our astounding volunteer angels – everyday heroes making an enormous impact in the lives of loved ones, family members, neighbors, and so many more throughout our community – maybe even you! Their very generous contribution of time, energy, talent, dedication, compassion and caring is not only reflected in the enormous number of volunteer hours, but more importantly in the outcomes – the impact they’ve had on people, real people affected by cancer.


Here’s what our volunteer angels have given to our community in 2013:

Total Client Support Volunteer Hours 5,478 Hours

Infusion Room Volunteers 2,420 Hours

AsSisters Volunteers 603 Hours

Helpline Volunteers 150 Hours

168 client appointments

Our Sewing groups including Marble Falls and Johnson City Quilt Clubs, Myrle Seely, Ann Randall and American Sewing Guild, Brackenridge Sewing Circle and many more individuals have made and donated 1000 Anti-ouch Pouch healing pillows and over 800 post-surgical camisoles.

Outreach Volunteers & Speaker’s Bureau attended over 60 events reaching 12,000 people

Event Volunteers including Art Bra Austin committee members, models and volunteers and our 3rd-party event volunteers also generously donated thousands and thousands of hours of their time, talent and so much more, enabling us to accomplish some very challenging fundraising goals!

We’re so grateful to our beloved volunteers – our friends, our extended family – you’re the best in the world and you make us a better organization!

Are you interested in becoming one of our Volunteer Angels? Please contact me at prose@bcrc.org or 512-524-2470×105


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