Staff Spotlight: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kate!

Kate RahillLess than a year ago, Kate Rahill and her now-fiance, Ben, made the big move from New York City to Austin. Kate joined the BCRC Development team this past February and we couldn’t be happier she has found her way to us!

Now that Kate is more settled into her role as Development Specialist, we think it’s high time to ask her the tough questions! Well, maybe only a few tough questions 😉

Q. What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

Kate: Well this may not be a huge secret anymore for some, but I have an identical twin named Betsy and we are very close! She lives in New York City and this is the first time we have lived apart. I’m actually still adjusting to new friends and acquaintances not already knowing I’m a twin – it’s very weird!

Q. What made you get into nonprofit development?

Kate: I love efficiency and I love the idea of helping organizations that make the world better, work better. Of course, there are many organizations in the private-sector that help drive social and economic progress – but I find nonprofits to be very exciting to work for because their sole reason for existence is to take on (in various degrees of scale) some of our world’s biggest problems – poverty, neglect, under-education, homelessness, disease, prejudice/hate, inequality, and so on. Those are BIG issues, and yet so often you hear about nonprofits working with very limited resources (financial, technology, human, or otherwise). I’d like to change that. One of my favorite TED talks is by this social entrepreneur, Dan Pallotta, and he does a much better job of explaining all this!

Q. How does the mission of BCRC affect you personally?

Kate: The statistics say one in every eight woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. I think that percentage speaks pretty clearly to the unfortunate reality that almost everybody knows somebody who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. For me, it is my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt. Each was very fortunate to find the cancer early and each survived. In my experiences with breast cancer, I’ve learned that cancer is a very tricky thing, and requires a lot of a person. I feel very proud to work for an organization that understands this and is there for the people and families affected by such a complicated and life-altering disease.

Q. What is one thing you miss the MOST about NYC? 

Kate: Hmm, there are too many to list just one! My sister, pizza, really great authentic Indian food, food delivery service.

Q. What is one thing you miss the LEAST about NYC? 

Kate: Again, there are too many to list just one – crowded subway trains, morning commute, the G train, trying to get errands done on a weekend.

Q. What is your favorite thing about living in Austin?

Kate: I love the weather! I love how almost every day is a beautiful, sunny day. Back in NY there’s this pressure to have ‘the best day ever’ when it is warm and sunny outside because those kind of days are so fleeting and you feel you need to make the most of it! But in Austin, the warm weather lasts almost year round, and there’s always so much to do outside. I also really enjoy how active people in Austin are  – it’s very uplifting and motivating!

Q. What is your favorite color?

Kate: My favorite color has definitely evolved over the years. Right now I really love grays. Anything light blue and light gray is really beautiful!

Q. If you had one superpower what would it be?

Kate: This is a great question – I’ve thought about this one a lot actually! I would love to have the power to travel around the world and infuse huge amounts of empathy into the people who are at odds with each other – kind of like Cupid but with an empathy arrow! I think the ability to have genuine empathetic connections with others, especially with your enemies, is a very powerful thing – it makes us more aware, more humble and more likely to forgive – but it’s also not easy to have! So I imagine that if I could ‘superpower’ empathy into those who need it most, the world would be a more peaceful place!! I know it’s a bit idealistic but hey, that’s why it’s a superpower!

Q. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Kate: I once went swimming in the Amazon river while visiting an Amerindian Village in Guyana. All I could think about was piranhas. Let’s just say I didn’t last long in the water.

Q. Your birthday is July 19th, happy birthday! Now that you’re one year older, that means you’re one year wiser and we have to ask you: what is one lesson you learned in the past year?

Kate. Well I don’t know if I would go as far as using the word “wise” but I’ve definitely learned a lot this year! I’ve learned to trust myself more, and to treat myself better. I’ve always been very hard on myself and I think it’s really common for many of us to get bogged down by our daily internal negative chatter. It’s amazing what can happen when you replace those negative thoughts with feelings of courage and confidence!

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