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As part of our “Volunteer Appreciation” blog series, we will be publishing stories and testimonials about our amazing volunteers.

By: Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteer services of Breast Cancer Resource Centers

Director of Volunteer Services

Director of Volunteer Services

Outreach and Speakers Bureau ambassadors represent the BCRC at hundreds of events, reaching thousands of people, helping to raise thousands of dollars to support the BCRC mission! Every year, especially in September and October, we receive hundreds of requests to attend both Outreach and Independent Fundraising Events vital to our mission. Our Outreach and Speakers Bureau Volunteers are the face and voice of the BCRC at these events, events it would be impossible for a staff of thirteen to attend. Thousands of people they talk to each year, maybe not realizing what a huge difference they make, but we do. We know for a fact that women concerned about, or diagnosed with breast cancer, reached out to us specifically because they learned about us from our volunteers.

Taammy Benter UW Rally TDI 10.9.14

“I got your info from the volunteers at the SECCC fair which I immediately gave to my co-worker when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you for what you do.” Sandra, State of Texas Employee

“Thank you for sending volunteers to our fundraiser. You have helped several employees here and we’re grateful for what you do.” DPS employee

Karen & Kathy 9.25.14

Our Speakers tell powerful stories about the impact the BCRC has on the lives of women with breast cancer, connecting the audience to our mission in a personal and truly unique way.

“Your speaker was inspiring!! We chose the BCRC as our beneficiary because we believe in your mission, but had no idea of the life-changing impact you have on the women you support.” Katie, IFE organizer

“I’ve never worked with a better group of reliable, professional, and all around terrific volunteers. I can’t tell you enough what a privilege it is to have full confidence in the caliber of volunteers we recruit and send out to help work a fundraising event on behalf of BCRC. I know first-hand they will arrive on time, ready to work, and will go above and beyond their call of duty to make the event a success – and as a fundraising professional, this gift is priceless.” Kate Rahill, Development Specialist, BCRC

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi w Allison 3.18.14

With the deepest gratitude, the BCRC thanks the following individuals and organizations for their invaluable contribution:
Allison Cummings, Sheree Huntley, HOPE Austin, Kappa Rho, Felicia White, Paula Wilson, Rene Brown, Martha Ilger, Charles Milton, Carol Hardy, Christina Duhon, Barbara Formichelli, Kelley McKinney, Kendra Monk, Kathy Carillo, Alex Rigueira, Diana Hurley, Camille Fisher, Karen Bravo, Kathy Pigman, Estella Guerrero, Barbara Misle, Kim Murphy, Kathy Clark, Tammy Benter, Janelle Comiskey, Sarah Geis, Adrienne Peel, Leigh Zimmerman, Harper Ray, Jeanette LaFontaine, Lisa Noriega, Sarah Clifton, Kat Lozano, Valerie Schwarzwaelder, Deborah Carroll, Lourdes Moreno, Sydney Kenley, Paula Wilson, Jan Owen, Sheryl Lowe, Chris Tobin, Rhonda Loeliger, Mary Alice Andrada, Leah McDill, Diane Key, Ginyier Fields, Emilia Lopez Flores, Susana Padilla de Webster, Angelica Wikswo, Natasha Pruitt, Melanie Cox-Bittner, Jo Kenney, Deb Coulter-Bueide

If you or someone you know is facing breast cancer and could use our support, please visit our website or call our helpline at 512-524-2560.

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