Locally Pink Sparks Renewed Interest in Breast Cancer Awareness in Austin

dr-piazzaEach fall, things seem to get busier and busier. This time of year, the    weather gets cooler; the excitement starts to build for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. October is always a very special month for my Austin plastic surgery practice as it is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. My staff and I are so in awe of our breast cancer patients for the courage they exhibit during this journey. As a plastic surgeon, it is an honor to walk with them as they travel from diagnosis to treatment and reconstruction. It is a very special relationship that develops over time, and often is a life-long partnership.

Having worked closely with The Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas since I started my practice in 2010, I have seen first-hand what an impact this local non-profit has made on our community and specifically our patients – they serve as an incredible sounding board and support system for those affected by breast cancer.

I was excited to participate in BCRC’s 1st annual Locally Pink Fundraising Campaign that took place in October.  Brilliant in its conception- Locally Pink helped me to really understand that very few dollars earned from the purchase of pink goods (ribbons, t-shirts, pens, etc.) actually provide resources to people right here in Central Texas to help them get through breast cancer.

As the timeless saying in Austin goes, “Keep Austin Weird, Keep Austin Local”…I realized that the purpose of this campaign was to make us aware that the dollar we could spend toward a pink item would be better spent toward an organization that gives back to our community. I became intensely motivated to raise funds for the BCRC as did my staff and Seton Southwest Hospital, where I do the majority of my breast reconstruction procedures.

I have to say “Bravo!” to the BCRC for an eye-opening October.  Thank you for the work you do, the support you provide and the love you share to get our patients through breast cancer! We would love your feedback on this post.  Please write a comment below or please contact me directly via email.

– Rocco C. Piazza, MD


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