Lauren Ward’s Red-Carpet-Worthy “Grammy’s Bra” to Hit the Art Bra Runway By: Sharon Munroe

This year’s creation by longtime Art Bra Austin artist, model and breast cancer survivor Lauren Ward is likely to steal the show. Lauren is passionate about her support of BCRC so this year she designed herself a unique, one-of-a-kind art bra that will kick things up a notch when she models it on the Art Bra Austin runway.

If “Grammy’s Bra” could sing, the music and stories behind it would be endless.  For this creation, Lauren launched an ambitious campaign to collect guitar picks from a long list of musical performers from all over the world, including Melissa Etheridge, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Darius Rucker of the Carolina Grey Boys. She incorporated the picks into a design that is a rare combination of regal and sexy, demure and daring.  “Grammy’s Bra” reflects perfectly the generous spirit of both Lauren and the many musicians who gave their favorite guitar picks in support of Art Bra Austin and BCRC.

“Grammy’s Bra” features black chiffon and organza adorned with these guitar picks. The skirt Lauren will wear is bedazzled with crushed CDs from these same talented musicians.


Lauren loves the fact that Art Bra Austin celebrates survivors by having them model handmade bras, corsets and other costume pieces, oftentimes made by themselves. Each model seeks to raise funds during the event. Lauren is trying to raise more money for BCRC this year than ever before and would love your support. Please donate now and see Lauren live on the runway at Art Bra Austin the evening of June 2. Tickets sales continue through May 31. Enjoy the show!

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