Jenny Romano Updates Easy Rider with “Inner Steel” By: Pam Kemp

Fueled by coffee and the sun, Jenny Romano packs every day to the hilt, sewing, baking, doing hair and makeup, walking and volunteering. A mother, breast cancer survivor and life-long learner, she rescues hospice animals, paints faces at the Harley Davidson shop and contributes to Scare for a Cure.  Lucky for us, Jenny found time to design Inner Steel for Art Bra Austin 2018. This is her third year to contribute Art Bra Austin as an artist; her previous designs include Dia de Los Muertos and A Salute to Arms.

Inner Steel reflects the sleek beauty and raw strength of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  It is a magical bra, composed of leather and lace and well-worn jeans, a bandana to wipe away tears, rhinestones to dazzle and guardian bells to protect.  Yes, Inner Steel has everything a woman might need, and a lot more.

The crowning glory of this bra is the sparkle and shine of working Harley motorcycle parts donated for the cause. Maybe every great artist leaves a few baffled people in her wake.  We’re just grateful the gentlemen at Central Texas Harley Davidson service center didn’t let a little confusion get in the way of art.

The model who will bring Jenny’s design to life is Norma Colyar, a veteran Art Bra model and a grandmother, mother and wife.  A woman who’s thrilled to celebrate 12 years of being cancer free, Norma loves gardening, animals and spending weekends in the place where she is most content — the woods of Wimberley.

With Inner Steel Jenny honors BCRC, a life-saving refuge for so many women and the place that turned things around for Jenny after her own diagnosis of breast cancer. Norma also remembers the overwhelming onslaught of information and decisions that came with her diagnosis and appreciates the value of BCRC’s support teams and navigators. Norma now volunteers with BCRC and was instrumental in bringing BCRC to the Round Rock Dell campus.

So be smart, be fast and be ready to bid. Everyone loves a Harley and this one-of a-kind design won’t last long. When you see this one on the runway, let’s hear the applause — for model Norma Colyar, artist Jenny Romano and for BCRC, the place that keeps so many women going strong.

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