Infusion Room Volunteers – Compassion in Action

As part of our “Volunteer Appreciation” blog series, we will be publishing stories and testimonials about our amazing volunteers.

By: Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteer services of Breast Cancer Resource Centers

Director of Volunteer Services

Director of Volunteer Services

Passionate, devoted, caring, compassionate……words that barely scratch the surface in describing our Infusion Room volunteers. They tell me how each week, they look forward to the day they get to spend with “their people”. They relate the beautiful stories of deep connections made through a common language, a touch or a smile, time spent truly listening, sharing a joke and many more ways as diverse as the volunteers themselves. In turn, I hear many stories from patients and caregivers who have been so moved by these loving volunteers, that they themselves are inspired to volunteer! Our Infusion Room volunteers are respected and revered by staff and patients alike, as you can plainly see from just a few of the many quotes we’ve received.


“I have said this before and I will say it again- volunteers are truly a part of the heart of our center. They are kind and empathetic souls who offer their hearts and hands to our patients in a non-medical way; which may measure up to a few moments in time, but measures up to a lifetime of support. Overall, our volunteers offer much more than their gift of time. They offer their heart, their smile, their touch, their understanding and their presence. There is no amount of money that would cover this position in life- it is genuine selflessness to the core. We thank our volunteers from the bottom of our hearts for all they do!” Lauren Brandt, Social Worker, Texas Oncology

“Kathay is a blessing and an inspiration! She’s kind and caring, thoughtful beyond words and so very compassionate. Our patients love her and so do we. We wouldn’t know what to do without her and we hope we never do. We are grateful for all of the BCRC volunteers.”  Infusion Room staff, Texas Oncology North

“We love and appreciate our volunteers so much. They support both staff and patients. We are forever grateful for their smiling faces on a weekly basis.” Trissa Williams, Social Worker, Texas Oncology

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“The Infusion Room volunteers are truly awesome! My clients tell me this all of the time!  Our volunteers take the time to reach out to everyone in the room and take special care to dote on those who have no other support while getting treatment.” Dianna Petrick, BCRC Patient Navigator

“Our infusion room volunteers are wonderful because they provide companionship and hope for those receiving chemotherapy.” Runi Limary, BCRC Patient Navigator

“Marsha is so welcoming and wonderful. When I am in the infusion room the patients respond to her kindness and view her as a friend. Dee Dee is wonderful (as are her cookies) and gave my client special attention because it was her first infusion.” Elaine Gonzales, BCRC Patient Navigator

“It is very moving to see our compassionate, caring volunteers making it better for the patients and caregivers they touch.” Marjorie Gallece, BCRC Patient Navigator

“Volunteers deserve a special recognition. They give hours of themselves and their lives to come and be with our patients. What a wonderful gift they have to put others first. That gift is immeasurable and can make a world of a difference to someone who is dealing with a tough battle.” Texas Oncology Staff

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We’re inspired by these amazing individuals who give themselves so completely to others with such enthusiasm and joy! Our Infusion Room Volunteers have dedicated 4,000 hours to the patients and caregivers of five local oncology centers in 2014 and 2015 to date.

The BCRC is eternally grateful to the following individuals for their selfless devotion to patients, caregivers and clients: Dee Dee Lohmeier, Nina Stancil, Helen Bessner, Denise Hubbard, Kathay Parker, Alex Riguiera, Beth Wesley, Neelima Kinikar, Suzie LaPlant, Deanna Cluck, Marsha Sharp, Kaylee Peters, Sarah Geis, Anita Arnet, Jane Gomez, Jeannette LaFontaine, Lisa Riley, Michele Dunn, Pooja Parikh, Pruthali Kulkarni, Marielle Catolos, Emily Clarke, Karishma Desai, Brandi Monene, Nicole Lohstorfer, Aleena Tholanikunnal, Haleh Shokravi, Schuyler Dale, Arjab Ghosh, Emily Kech, Terra Stefaniak, Natalie Colon, Nova Mebane, Kara Curley, Nolan Klein, Meredith Donaldson, Kerry Quinn, Paul Glasheen, Connor Marshall, Terry Zhou and Morgan Gallo

If you or someone you know is facing breast cancer and could use our support, please visit our website or call our helpline at 512-524-2560.

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