Let the Bidding War Begin: Brooke Garrett’s “Catching Dreams” By Sharon Munroe

Longtime BCRC volunteer Brooke Garrett created an art bra for the very first time last year. Her love of what BCRC does to support breast cancer survivors in our community meant she’d been putting her passion to work as a volunteer coordinator for Art Bra Austin for several years before she finally decided to make her first bra, “Renewal” — a cherry-blossom-adorned tribute to her grandmother and aunt, who both died from breast cancer. She wanted the funds raised by auctioning her art bra to help support the dedicated and caring patient navigators od BCRC, the backbone of the organization. “Renewal” was proudly modeled by BCRC client Megan Klag on the runway, with flower-laden papier-mâché branches trailing behind her, attached on the back of the bra.


Austin Radiological Association (ARA) was so excited by Brooke’s special design they entered a bidding war for the art bra, emerging the victors. “Renewal” is now installed in the lobby of the ARA Women’s Imaging Center location, which serves thousands of women each year. ARA is a big supporter of Art Bra Austin and is sponsoring this year at the “Ruby” level, a high level of support for the organization and this special event.


After experiencing Art Bra Austin last year, Brooke knew she’d make another bra this year. “Catching Dreams” is her 2018 creation that features beads and turkey feathers dyed red, in reference to the American Indian dreamcatcher. It comes accompanied with wings and a skirt.


Megan is once again thrilled to wear Brooke’s design in Art Bra Austin. Although cancer wasn’t how Megan expected to meet new friends, she feels blessed to have connected with so many women through BCRC. Being an Art Bra Austin model for the second year in a row, says Megan, is such an honor since BCRC gives so much to community.


“The opportunity to represent and raise money for this organization goes beyond words,” said Megan.


This year Megan is personally trying to raise at least $1,000 for BCRC and would love your support. Every model seeks to raise funds online before the night of Art Bra Austin. Please donate and see Brooke’s design Art Bra Austin, modeled by Megan live on the evening of June 2. Ticket sales continue through May 31. Join us for another bidding war!