IV League

BCRC’s IV League Support Circle is for newly diagnosed and long-term survivors of metastatic breast cancer. Our group meets at 10:30am on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, and at 2:00pm on the first Sunday of every month.

For location and more information, please contact BCRC at support@bcrc.org.

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  • Terry Reynolds Reply

    I am interested in becoming a participant of this group. I joined the “club’ last year on March 21, 2018 when I fractured my back in two places. After I got to the hospital, they did a CT scan,and found lesions throughout my bones and in my liver. Stage IV, incurable. Not exactly what I had planned for my retirement.

    My mother moved in with my husband and I in 2016 after we lost my younger sister unexpectedly after hip surgery. They had lived together for over 20 years. I was going to see her to her next life stage. Now my goal is to outlive her so that she doesn’t lose another child.

    I need to talk with people who understand what I am going through. I tell my friends and family what they want to hear, that I am alright and am going to fight this, which I am. But it is not like when I was was diagnosed with IIB in 2011. There was a clear one-year path (surgery, chemo and radiation) to a cure. And then I reached that magical 5 year mark and thought that my dance with Mr. C was over.

    HE’S BACCCK! And there is no end game, no cure. I can’t go it alone on this one.

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