Corona Conditioning- Zoom Call


Join Erinina Marie Ness, a professional trapeze artist and coach based here in Austin, as she teaches a full body ground-based body-weight conditioning class! Topics covered will include:
– A full body ground-based body-weight conditioning class using objects that you have laying around the house!

You will need the following items:
-Mat recommended,  get creative!
-Two equal sized light weights, such as 2 milk or adult beverage jugs with handles(just don’t drink them ‘til after class).
-A chair or couch.
-A medium sized weight like a bag of potatoes, a baby, or small amicable pet (no babies will be harmed in the doing of this exercise).

Participants must be cleared for exercise by their physician prior to participating in class and a release waiver will be required as well.

Event Details:

When: Tuesday, May 5, 2020| from 12 PM –  1 PM

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