Coming to a Runway Near You: Jessie Young’s Galactic “Centauri Dreams” By: Pam Kemp

Jessie Young — radiation oncology nurse, budding gardener and proud veteran — has an imagination bigger than Texas. Every year since she discovered Art Bra Austin, Jessie has contributed a new design. Art Bra regulars will remember “Antelope Woman” and “Remember the Time.” Now, she is the genius behind “Centauri Dreams,” the featured design for Art Bra Austin 2018.

If you woke up tomorrow able to fly, what would you wear for that first flight to explore the galaxy?  Yes, this is it.  “Centauri Dreams” — a shower of incandescent blue, purple and pink quartz crystals flow from one shoulder; this cloud of shimmering peaks falls into a sea of triangles, the elegant void of space. It’s a mesmerizing and chic homage to the endless wonder and beauty of space.


Jessie’s muse and model for “Centauri Dreams”?  That would be Austin’s inimitable Natasha Harper Madison.  Natasha is a mother of eight (four human, four furry), wife of a firefighter, breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur with a passion for advocacy and a very wise woman. In the face of a challenge, Natasha says, “Breathe, be calm, close your eyes and take your time.   Remember, you are almost certainly being too hard on yourself.”  A mantra for every woman, every day.


Radiation treatments brought Natasha and Jesse together first, but it was Art Bra 2016 that unveiled an uncanny connection between these two. When she modeled for Art Bra that year, Natasha was dismayed to discover that the gorgeous leather number she was drawn to didn’t quite fit. When she spied Jessie at the VIP reception, Natasha began to describe the bra that so intrigued her. She was stunned when Jessie revealed that she was the artist behind the bra and, most amazingly, that Natasha had been her muse for the design. Chalk one up to the goddess of serendipity and the thriving web of friendships at the core of Art Bra Austin.


You couldn’t ask for a better tour of the galaxy than that from Jessie and Natasha. They will take you to Alpha Centauri and the Milky Way, around planets spinning through space and, if Jessie has her way, past space detritus that collides spectacularly. These two know about Australia’s indigenous people, who believe the sky tells stories handed down to each generation, and that shooting stars carry messages from people we’ve lost. Jessie is hoping for a message from her dear friend, Janice Harpaul, also an Art Bra artist, who lost her battle with cancer. Imagine every shooting star unleashes a trove of messages from beyond, and every night sky brims with hope and the power of human connection.


So stand up and cheer, for Jessie and Natasha. Artist and muse, these are brave and bold souls who have forged a new, sparkling trail for us all to enjoy. And a toast to BCRC, the center of the universe for so many women.