As part of our “Volunteer Appreciation” blog series, we will be publishing stories and testimonials about our amazing volunteers.

By: Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteer services of Breast Cancer Resource Centers

Director of Volunteer Services

Director of Volunteer Services

A Changemaker is defined as anyone who follows through with making a difference in society, no matter how small that difference may be.

I still remember opening the newspaper in October of 1995 and being struck by the story of the women – volunteers – who felt the overpowering desire to take their breast cancer experience and use it to help other women going through a similar experience. Twenty years ago, these women were the beginning of what The Breast Cancer Resource Center has evolved into today – an organization of fourteen professionals, with six Certified Patient Navigators able to provide life-changing, even life-saving services to women with breast cancer. We are here because of the dedication of passionate, invested, talented, caring, selfless volunteers!


We wish to recognize and honor ALL the volunteers, who for twenty years, have put their heart and soul into the mission of the BCRC. Congratulations! You have built a vital organization and growing community of support for anyone touched by breast cancer. You have ensured that no one faces breast cancer alone. You have improved the lives of thousands upon thousands of our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends!!

“BCRC volunteers are the best! They allow us to extend our reach in ways we couldn’t have imagined eleven years ago when I came on staff. They are ambassadors for us in both public and private settings, representing us so well to the medical community and the community at large. We are grateful to each and every one of you; we truly couldn’t be as effective as we are without your commitment of time and skills.” Ray Anne Evans, Executive Director, BCRC

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let someone know how much I have been blessed by the services provided by BCRC and through the volunteers who work with BCRC.” BCRC client

I’m always reminded of the quote, “I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people leading ordinary lives”, when I think of the amazing people supporting and building the BCRC. People like the volunteers featured in our blogs this week and many more who work behind the scenes and give in many different ways. The BCRC has the greatest respect and deepest gratitude for these Changemakers!

Our Scare for a Cure family, who support us in ways extending far above and beyond their tremendous fundraising efforts and generous donation each year.
Bill Bastas and The Smile Never Fades, in partnership with Merry Maids, who donates funds to provide much needed professional cleaning services to our clients.
Susan Eggert of Food!Food! who donates nutritious, freshly-prepared food for our clients, delivered by volunteers.
Cherie Matthews’ Heal in Comfort organization who donate hundreds of Heal in Comfort shirts each year for our clients.
Our Pink Ribbon Cowgirls network of dynamic women supporting each other and building an ever-growing community of support for all.
Our Board of Directors who devote their time and talent to the continued success of the BCRC
UT’s HOPE Austin members
UT’s Women in Medicine members
UT’s Kappa Rho members
Southwestern University students of Dr. Maria Todd’s class

And finally our very special “go to” team, who have been involved in hugely significant ways for many years! Always there for anything that needs to be done, with whom the seemingly impossible becomes reality: Sarah Breiner, Kathy Clark, Sarah and Evan Clifton, Deanna Cluck, Trish Cooper, Jarrett and Norma Crippen, Martha and Dave Ilger, Lori Lacy, Rhonda and Jon Loeliger, Dee Dee Lohmeier, Charles Milton, Debbie Moe, Kathay Parker, Susan Pratt, Suzie LaPlant

If you or someone you know is facing breast cancer and could use our support, please visit our website or call our helpline at 512-524-2560.

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