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As we all grow older, we realize that there are so many experiences in life, and many of them a person may not truly understand until they experience it first hand.  As with thousands of women, I have had that experience with breast cancer.  There is always the true empathy of when anyone close to you is diagnosed with a disease.  But once you are thrown into a segment of the world of disease, most everything becomes magnified.  Your knowledge, your support, your village, your love and appreciation for your kids, spouse, friends and family.  All of a sudden your life changes.  Over the years I have been involved with several organizations, giving back to the local community and helping those in need.  For me it has always been sincere, but never truly personal.  Breast cancer made it personal.  I have become educated and empowered.  I have been moved and motivated to support this community and I love making a difference in this space.  Most every woman becomes their own personal superhero….fighter of the bad to protect their own personal good.  While fighting the bad last year, I was also involved with working with the good…and most of the time, good wins.  Even when lives are lost to this devastating disease, these individuals ended up as superheroes in making a huge impact to those they have personally touched. bike

Last year I had an incredible experience being part of the Texas Mamma Jamma ride and team BCRC.  I love sports and the challenges, wins and losses, and the thrills that accompany them.  I will try almost any sport just for the experience!  Never being a “cyclist” I wasn’t sure I should even sign up, but the challenge enticed and motivated me.  But more importantly, what truly attracted me to this ride was the chance to help raise money for BCRC and other local communities who support women and families who are facing breast cancer. This feeling is always priceless!  Without these services, many individuals and families would not have the emotional support and important navigation and resources that are needed to get through this devastating disease.  Being part of this ride and team helped contribute to me becoming “whole” again, and I knew I would be back to ride because I want to help others feel whole again.  Now it is time for Texas Mamma Jamma 2016 and I am looking forward to another year of success and gratification!  Our team has grown and I am very honored and humbled in helping to lead team BCRC Superheroes across the finish line!

I hope everyone reading this will choose to be amazing and become a BCRC superhero!!

Julie Culin (center)Julie Culin

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