Twenty years ago, a woman with breast cancer had very little help available to her in Central Texas. There was no one to help her cope with the fact she had cancer. No one to provide proof she too could get through the experience.

From within this reality, two women in the midst of treatment formed a bond through their shared experience. Their names were Ann and Sherry.

Through it all, our goal has remained the same - help women with breast cancer chart a course and find their way forward - in the way that’s right for them.

Soon it became undeniable - having the support of someone who understood what they were going though was huge. And, they wanted to provide what they had found to others.

In 1995, these women teamed up with several others (two nurses and a social worker among them) and founded the Breast Cancer Resource Center. They had a helpline and a support group. They formed a “database” of survivors who could provide encouragement to other women. Training was simple and focused on how to be a good listener, how to provide understanding, and how to communicate hope.

In the years since, BCRC has become much more than a volunteer helpline.

Today, in addition to being survivors, BCRC staff are trained professionals and experts in where to go, what to do next, and how to keep moving forward.

“I took my volunteer calls very seriously. I would go into my room, shut the door, and take several deep breaths before I dialed the number. I wanted very badly to be my ‘best self’ for the woman on the other end of that phone because I knew one thing for sure: the woman I was about to call was in crisis.”
- Ray Anne Evans, Executive Director, former volunteer, and 18-year Survivor.

BCRC has been the best navigational tool. They’ve provided me with support and the right resources to guide my questions, with the added benefit of meeting so many cool people who are now my friends.
Shondi Pugh