We understand breast cancer is an expensive and demanding disease. All of our assistance programs are available to clients regardless of employment status, ethnicity, sex, age or income, so long as funds are available.

Financial Assistance

Financial Support

For many women, decisions about choosing the right doctor and determining the best course of treatment can frequently compete with decisions about paying the light bill and picking up another prescription.

BCRC can help provide funding for basic financial needs such as rent, utilities, and prescription drugs. This type of funding tends to fluctuate, but if we can help, we will.

And if we can’t help you, we may be able to connect you with another local or national resource that can meet your specific financial need.

AsSister Assistance

Physical Support during Treatment & Recovery

Whether you’re on doctors orders, or treatment has wreaked havoc on your energy levels, cancer has a way of making everyday tasks seem like an insurmountable burden. Thanks to the support of our community partners, we can help you during this difficult time by providing an array of practical resources, including:

Do you enjoy giving others companionship or helping around the house for people in need?

Hear from Our Clients

I am so very grateful to BCRC's assistance which helped pay a bill for me with funds from the AVON grant. To this day there are no words for me to express my gratitude for the kindness that were given to me by BCRC and the AVON grant. Your kindness help ease some of my stress level from financial burden which help me greatly in my recovery."  - Carolina Farago, BCRC client

The support I got from navigators like Runi and Karyn and the other ladies in the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls gave me knowledge and hope. They also pointed me in the direction of financial assistance with fertility preservation and cold caps to keep my hair during chemo, all of which were a wonderful success. I am no longer terrified of the future thanks to BCRC- I feel empowered."   - Leslie de Silva, BCRC client

We Can Help

All of our services are provided free of charge.
We will match you with a navigator who can find the solutions right for you.