30 Days of Artists: Valerie Schwarzwaelder | “Nice Headlights”

Valerie SchwarzwaelderValerie is back at it again with another outrageous and skillfully-crafted art bra. This is her second year designing and modeling her own piece for the show, and once again, she has spared no attitude! A two-year survivor, Valerie still regularly depends on BCRC as she continues to go through treatment. The comfort of knowing BCRC will always be there for her and her family is so important to her; she’s even stepped up her game this year and extended her artistic talents to the Art Bra Austin’s Decor Committee!

Valerie is grateful for the help and support of her husband, father, and step-mother and for the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, whose stories encourage her to keep going and overcome the cancer.




“Nice Headlights”

Inspired to create something for the men in the audience, Valerie decided there was no idea better than headlights. This piece is made from 4 inch PVC pipe, 2 working bicycle headlights, and car paint. It comes complete with a pink ribbon emblem on the grill. Valerie created this piece to honor her father, Vince Weible. She cannot thank him enough for caring for her as she recovered from her double mastectomy.


Art Bra Austin


Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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