30 Days of Artists: Sheree Huntley | Little Bo Peep

Sheree HuntleySheree Huntley taught herself how to sew at the age of 12.  As her father used to tell it, this was so she “could dress in the manner to which she wanted to become accustomed” which was beyond his budget at the time.  Sheree loves fabric – how it feels, smells, and mostly, how it transforms something ordinary, like a small pillow, into an “Ouch Pouch,” a source of physical and emotional comfort for a woman just after breast surgery.  With a couple of yards of soft, snuggly fleece and a few whips of a needle and thread, Sheree can help a patient feel warm and cared for.

Originally titled Kountry Boobkins, “Little Bo Peep” was entirely hand-stitched and finished inside and out to transform a plain bra into something happy, calm and peaceful.  With this lace and gingham masterpiece, Sheree envisioned a BCRC basket filled with an Ouch Pouch pillow, a fleece blanket, a jug of wine, and a loaf of bread – all the makings of a perfect picnic.   As Sheree puts it, “They don’t call me Pollyanna and Suzy Sunshine for nothin’!”


“Little Bo Peep”

Little Bo Peep

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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