30 Days of Artists: Of Mermaids and Miracles, ASFD Students Look to the Otherworldly

For the first time in Art Bra® history, students from the Austin School of Fashion Design (ASFD) were invited to submit their designs for the 2016 show. We never know what artists will come up with when we ask them to design a wearable piece of art, and WOW, were we impressed!! Featured below are two AFSD students who have truly put their knowledge and skills to the test…delivering beautiful designs that will be featured separately during our Floor and Runway Show. 

Katia Peppas
“Mythical Mermaid”

The youngest artist to submit to Art Bra Austin ever, 15-year-old Katia Peppas is a sophomore at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, where she currently serves as the costume designer for the school’s yearly productions. She just finished her fifteenth production in March!  And while Katia is new to Art Bra Austin, she is certainly not new to the world of fashion design. Katia first learned to sew when she was only seven years old. Wanting to take her skills to the next level, Katia enrolled at the Austin School of Fashion Design a year-and-a-half ago. When she first learned of the opportunity to design an art bra, she remarks, “I thought Art Bra Austin sounded like an incredible way to honor and give support to people who have been going through things I could never imagine.”

This summer, Katia will serve as an assistant instructor at ASFD. When she’s not working on costume designs, Katia enjoys hanging out with her four cats and rabbit and playing field hockey on her school’s team. She plans to major in architecture in college and we have no doubt this young lady will continue to thrive and impress us all!

Katia Peppas imagined the fantastic life of a mermaid when she put together this magical bra that features shell cups and seaweed elements. Hand-sewn crystals and pearls add texture and replicate the effect of light hitting water. With this piece, Katia asks us to take a deep breath and dive into an alternate reality — where mermaids are real! “I was inspired by how fantastic being a mermaid would be, and I wanted to convey that mythological magic with this bra,” says Katia. “My goal was for the model to feel like a princess, even without a mermaid tail. I wanted to keep the traditional ‘shell bra’ concept with the twist of adding seaweed elements as well as netting.”


Roberto Romero
“Corazón de los Milagros”

Like Katia, Roberto Romero is currently a student at ASFD.  Roberto came to the U.S. almost ten years ago from his hometown in Mexico to follow his artistic passions in photography and apparel design. He calls himself a “creative natural,” having inherited this tendency from his mother. His improvisatory style allows him to manipulate textures, colors and light to create original works that combine traditional ideas with new ones, much like his fashion icon, Alexander McQueen. Roberto was inspired to make an art bra to honor his sister, Ana Isabel Romero, who has been in remission from breast cancer since 2015.

Roberto Romero’s sister, Ana Isabel Romero, is a breast cancer survivor who prayed to the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” throughout treatment, which is where Roberto took inspiration for his piece, the title of which translates to “Heart of Miracles.” As Roberto explains, each golden heart represents the miracle of a survivor, while the crystals represent the Heaven-bound souls of lives lost. The ruffled red petals evoke the love that binds men and women fighting breast cancer today. This piece is an emotional tribute to those who have been affected by breast cancer. The art bra’s design is even more stunning in person and we are truly ecstatic to showcase it at this year’s show!


All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

Art Bra photography generously provided by Flashbax23.

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