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Nancy EtzoldNancy Etzold, designer of “The Facts or The Truth,” strives to make a difference in cancer care. Aspiring to be a positive influence in the lives of those she meets, she has been a cancer data specialist and program manager for the past 26 years. You’ll find her working hard at St. David’s, and after seeing both sides of cancer—the facts and the truth—she was inspired to create a feminine art bra demonstrating the opposing facets of breast cancer. Nancy proudly dedicates this beauty to all the cancer data specialists at St. David’s who work tirelessly to provide quality patient care.

While symbolizing the seriousness of cancer, Nancy’s creation is both playful and attractive. Nancy explains, “The facts are black and white; they are the rules of science, medicine, statistics, and economics. The facts of breast cancer focus on cost, histology, extent of disease, treatment and outcomes. The truth of breast cancer is far more than the facts; it is more than the ‘disease’. The truth is beyond physicality; it is being present to all that life is. While it’s fact that a person has breast cancer, the truth is that the person is a woman, daughter, sister, wife, leader, friend, and inspiration.”


“The Facts or The Truth”

Art Bra Austin

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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