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Misty DushThis is Misty Dush’s first time participating as an artist for Art Bra Austin! As a 5-year survivor of breast cancer and member of The Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, Misty has always been proactive in her health. She attributes this to her long family history of cancer. Sadly, Misty has lost her mother, Gloria Ann, her aunts, Modean, Pearl, and Laverne, and her Grandpa Schulz to cancer. They are who she calls “the true heroes to her story.” When Misty first discovered a lump in her breast, she demanded a mammogram and was persistent in getting immediate care. She learned from her fallen angels that cancer is too deadly not to respond aggressively. After a difficult cancer journey of chemotherapy, surgeries, infections, and radiation, we are happy to say Misty is finally cancer-free!

Inspired by her favorite sport, Misty decided to create an an art bra that symbolizes her determination to overcome and ‘play through’ the obstacles thrown her way. Her art bra is created in honor of her cousin and fellow cancer-survivor, Joann, and in memory of Gloria Ann, Modean, Pearl, Lavern, and William.


“Play Through”

Play Through

“Play Through” has been signed by Pro Golfer Nick Watney!

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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