30 Days of Artists: Medical Professionals Embrace their Creative Side

Breast cancer can be a very daunting disease and most women require a team of specialists to administer their treatment plan. This year, Art Bra® Austin was fortunate to receive submissions from several medical professionals serving the breast cancer community.

Angela Wicker-Ramos
Houses No Longer Divided

Angela Wicker-Ramos is the owner of and lead oncology rehab therapist at Cancer Rehab Austin, specializing in rehabilitation and lymphedema management. In her spare time, this veteran Art Bra Artist loves to sew and create. “In the past few years I have started sewing to help feed my passion for Cos-play, Comicon and Renaissance fairs,” Angela says. “I find sewing to be a perfect combination of creativity, playfulness and meditation.” Drawing on this love, Angela channeled the mega-popular Harry Potter storyline to create her art bra. Using canvas, metal boning, fabric and metal grommets, Angela produced a corset-like bra that features the four houses of Hogwarts and the values they represent: Gryffindor (bravery, daring and nerve), Hufflepuff (hard work, dedication and patience), Ravenclaw (knowledge and intelligence) and Slytherin (ambition and resourcefulness). She cut, sewed, pounded and hammered until the clever art bra was revealed, noting that cancer survivors often develop the various Hogwarts’ values as they go through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Angela created this bra in honor of her mother, a two-time breast cancer survivor and client of BCRC, grandmother and all of the patients she has been blessed to treat. We love Angela’s fanciful creativity, and we are sure the Minister of Magic would approve.

Learn more about Angela and Cancer Rehab Austin at cancerrehabaustin.com.

Ashala Moore
“Knowledge is Power & Prevention”
Ashala is a surgery scheduler at Baylor, Scott & White in College Station for two plastic surgeons and has formed close relationships with the breast cancer survivors they serve. Encouraged to embrace her creative side, this Art Bra® Austin newbie and mother of three decided to jump in and join the fun. Ashala loves junking and describes her style as very eclectic.

To create her bra, Ashala cleverly turned pages of the George Burns book “How to Live to Be 100” into paper flowers, which she felt strongly fit with the theme. Using tulle and pearls, she developed a bra that features a unique and surprisingly feminine mix of materials. With education and knowledge as the basis for many survivors’ treatment and lives, Ashala offers a creation that highlights these values and says, “I created this bra in honor of all breast cancer patients.”

Jessie (Culbertson)
Young “Antelope Woman”

Jessie created a bold animal-themed bra using vinyl, brass studs, gold wire, lace, beadwork and chains. Cutting out and attaching each material by hand, Jessie’s bra is at once bold and edgy, soft and feminine — representing the seemingly opposite sides of breast cancer survivors. Jessie also created an accompanying vest and jeweled choker. We’re wild for this ensemble and can’t wait to see it under the bright lights!


All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

Art Bra photography generously provided by Flashbax23.

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