30 Days of Artists: Lyna Nguyen | Rebirth

Anh (Lyna) NguyenThis is Lyna Nguyen’s first year as an artist for Art Bra Austin and she held nothing back with her creativity! As a student at The Art Institute, Lyna was inspired by the season of Spring – a time when everything is reborn and begins to blossom. In many ways Spring represents the new beginnings that follow the long and difficult journey faced by so many breast cancer patients. Lyna recognizes how much these women and men fight to survive what she calls a “heartless disease” and wanted to create a piece that would be a representation of spring and a new beginning. “A beginning of something big and extraordinary,” she adds, “giving them hope to blossom and giving life another meaning.”




Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

To learn more about Art Bra Austin or to purchase tickets, visit artbraauastin.org

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