30 Days of Artists: Keeping It All in the Family

The families of breast cancer survivors have a unique role during treatment and healing — while a good face is often presented to the rest of the world, it’s the family that experiences most of the difficulties and realities of cancer and its treatment. And while we’re sure that these two artists brought dinner over, cleaned the house and accompanied their loved ones to medical appointments, they’ve also opted to roll up their creative sleeves and create Art Bras for family members who will be modeling them. “My mother-in-law, Debi Martin, beat breast cancer, and I love to tinker with crafts,” explains Annaliese Martin, “So this seemed like the best way I could celebrate her victory.”


Art Bra "Cork It, Cancer!"

Annaliese Martin
“Cork It, Cancer!”

While Annaliese dabbles in many different art forms and mediums, it was the love of wine that inspired the creation of her Art Bra. “Wine is something my MIL and I have bonded over,” Annaliese says,”Debi Martin is my guru, for sure!” So, using fabric, foam, corks, beads, sewing notions and wire, she set about to construct a bra that was sparkly, whimsical and a little sassy. “It’s a tribute to the strength and wisdom of women who have overcome adversity, and the attitude it takes to get through some days. And sometimes wine may be part of the equation,” Annaliese says.

What resulted is a hybrid of Greek mythology, belly dancing and wine drinking — all working together to create a fun, colorful and bold bra that Debi Martin will surely model with style. Cheers!





Art Bra "Copa de' Bra"

Sylvia Richarson
“Copa de’ Bra”

A longtime hairdresser, Sylvia says that art and creativity have always been a part of her life. And since two of her 5 sisters are breast cancer survivors, Sylvia took the opportunity presented by Art Bra to create a piece for Angie Garza, her sister who is a 1-year survivor. Inspired by the song “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow, Sylvia used beads, chiffon, tulle, lace and sequined material to create a vibrantly colorful south-of-the-border bra that serves as a celebration of victory.

Although the bra was created for one sister to model, Sylvia says this bra is “In honor of my two sisters who are breast cancer survivors — Juanita Mendez (6 year survivor) and Angie Garza a (1 year survivor).”







All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event on June 6, 2015 at the Austin Music Hall. All funds raised goes to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

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