30 Days of Artists: Hope Smith | Chain Reaction

Hope Smith“Chain Reaction,” designed by Hope Smith, the Executive Director of the Texas Mamma Jamma, is more than just a beautiful bra adorned with a bicycle chain.  An incredible story, the following is offered directly from Hope as proof positive that organizations like the Texas Mamma Jamma and the BCRC are making important strides in the breast cancer community:

One of our riders, having been invited to join her company’s team, showed up to train on one of the oldest funkiest bikes I’ve ever seen. She raised funds to help others, and she learned about all these amazing organizations, like the BCRC, who do so much to help people with breast cancer. Then later that year, she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of her experience with the ride, she knew where to go and who to talk to. Knowing she wasn’t alone, it made what is always a scary thing to face a little less scary. That one person, asking her to ride that first year, started a “chain reaction” in her life, and she continues it by helping others.

“Chain Reaction”

This piece was made in honor of every person who has dusted off their old bike to ride the Mamma Jamma and helped those going through breast cancer, but most especially, it is in honor of Patty Falo who rode her ancient bike through treatment and healing and whose courage and determination inspired me so much.

Chain Reaction

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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