30 Days of Artists: George Greenway | Glacial Anomaly

George GreenwayAs a father of five and a big-time supporter of BCRC, George Greenway is also the husband of Art Bra Model, Trisha Greenway. Always up for a new challenge, George is a skilled woodworker who likes to dabble in electricity. This year he really put his creative skills to the test and created a gorgeous art bra in dedication to his wife.

The art bra is inspired by glaciers, which, like the women in our lives, are beautiful and powerful while also complex and fragile. As George describes, “the glacier embraces mountains and canyons, flowing around them and through them, changing them little by little, with steady insistence, until the ice, stone, and light are smoothly blended as one seamless landscape. In the same way, the women in our lives embrace us, sustain us, and bring us together.”



“Glacial Anomaly”


Art Bra Austin

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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