30 Days of Artists: Dynamic Duos Who Tapped into Teamwork

If one artist can create a stunning Art Bra, think of what two can do! There’s something exciting about having a “mind meld” when combining creative forces together for a good cause, and these artists gladly became part of a team to pull off these gorgeous bras. A set of sisters and two close friends since college, these four women balanced their talents and skills to create dramatic and fun-loving bras that any model would be proud to wear.

Art Bra artists Theresa Yaneck and Linda Walsh

Art Bra "Cruella DeFluff"



“Cruella DeFluff”

Theresa Yaneck

Theresa is a retired fashion instructor from Chicago, and is passionate about traveling overseas. Theresa’s artistic style is very eclectic, and she gets the most satisfaction and enjoyment when working with various fibers, and textures.

Linda Walsh

Although her day job is as an engineer, Linda loves knitting, and she lets the feel and texture of yarn inspire her creations. Also from Chicago,

Theresa and Linda are not only co-designers, but sisters as well — and they’ve both had family and friends diagnosed with breast cancer. They are veteran Art Bra artists, and used a combination of fun fur yarn and fabric to create their bra, inspired by the villainess Cruella DeVille from “101 Dalmations.” They hoped to show the softer side of Cruella, making her more fun and approachable. They’ve added a wig, gloves, cigarette holder, skirt and dog purse to complete this furry ensemble. They’ve dedicated this bra to their friend, Karen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.



Art Bra artists Ingrid Landers and Elizabeth Hinton


Art bra "Renaissance of the TaTas"

Renaissance of the TaTas”

Ingrid Landers

Ingrid works in technology and has used her creative energy through solving interesting technology problems. She loves to cook, run and brunch (and she is standing by that activity as a hobby).

Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth has a background in fashion merchandising, fashion production and the bridal industry and attends the Art Institute of Austin. She loves entertaining, traveling and hiking.

Ingrid and Elizabeth met in college and have been close ever since, saying they thrive on collaboration and are thrilled to be a part of an event that not only empowers women but celebrates their bodies as well. They’ve both had several friends who have survived breast cancer, and created their bra, “Renaissance of the TaTas” with hopes that their friend Carol Hardy would model it. They used lace, gold dye, raw silk, pearl beads and chiffon ribbon to create an Elizabethan style Chanel gown, featuring an elegant and dramatic neckline as well as an accompanying ruff collar.

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