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Diana SaundersDiana attended her first Art Bra Austin back when it was still called Graphic. She attended with her daughter and a friend whose sister is a survivor and had been a BCRC client. Each year Diana was so impressed with the creativity of the bras, the strength and courage of the models and the Art Bra Austin event itself–an entertaining way to raise money to help women with breast cancer–she finally decided to create her own art bra. Since Diana also enjoys sewing, re-purposing fabric, decorating with beads, along with other artistic endeavors, designing an art bra is a great way to let her creative side emerge. Her artistic style infuses classic with modern and somtimes eclectic twists, using collages to obtain a desired theme. Diana feels honored to have a fourth creation selected for the runway! Steamy Victoriana, her fifth art bra, features a steampunk theme, a turn of the 20th century design which blends Victorian romance with the steam technology of the period. It was created in memory of the many friends and relatives she has lost to cancer and in honor of those in treatment and all the survivors!

Like mother like daugher, Diana’s daughter, Anissa Saunders Gahagan, is also an Art Bra artist. Anissa was the first featured artist during BCRC’s “30 Days of Arists” campaign. You can read more about Anissa’s designs here.

“Steamy Victoriana”

The inspiration for Diana’s 2014 Art Bra, “Steamy Victoriana” comes from her intrigue with the Steampunk era of the turn of the 20th century which blends Victorian romance with steam technology to create a unique style. She hand stitched repurposed silk fabric from a man’s necktie over the cups then stitched the rest of the bustier bra with faux tooled leather. Gears, chains, and Czech glass beads along with vintage charms and findings complete the embellishments. The bra is closed with laces in the back!

Steamy Victoriana

I enjoy sewing along with decorating with beads and charms. Finding the items I need to create the bra is both challenging and fun. The bra design comes together with an idea, then materializes as I find the actual items that will work, so I never know exactly how the bra will look like until it’s finished and that’s exciting!!


Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

To learn more about Art Bra Austin or to purchase tickets, visit artbraauastin.org

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