30 Days of Artists: Diana Phillips | Boobs of Paradise

Diana PhillipsDiana has long been involved in cancer care, as a healthcare administrative professional and as a volunteer. Her mother and daughter are both cancer survivors and her other daughter is an oncology nurse. With such close family and professional ties, she considers the work of BCRC to be very near to her heart. Diana has also always had an artistic leaning. She recently begun exploring her own talents in painting pastel landscapes, and enjoys collecting paintings by early Texan female artists.

A self-described “veteran garage sale and thrift shop junkie,” Diana describes her artistic style as very eclectic. She is inspired by a range of art forms, including black and white etchings, impressionist paintings filled with color and movement, and even the subtle, layered abstracts of Rothko.

This is Diana’s second year participating in Art Bra Austin. She finds designing art bras to be a “wonderfully creative way to contribute to The BCRC” and is thrilled to be back this year!

“Boobs of Paradise”

The art bra’s tropical design is made up of brightly-colored red, purple, and pink ribbons interlaced over the bra and delicately draped down its sides. The ribbons create a beautifully woven pattern, representing the many layers and complexity of a breast cancer journey. Hand-sewn throughout the front and back of the art bra are several silver bird charms that Diana upcycled from one of her many garage sale and thrift store finds. Diana also purchased silk “birds of paradise” flowers, removed its stuffing and wires, and then sewed the flowers onto the bra. Diana credits her supportive husband of 43 years, David, with naming this year’s art bra as “Boobs of Paradise.”

Art Bra Austin

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

To learn more about Art Bra Austin or to purchase tickets, visit artbraauastin.org

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