30 Days of Artists: Denise Chavez | Pinky’s Nifty Burgers

Denise ChavezFascinated by the culture and fashion of the 1950’s, Denise Chavez is a student at The Avenue Five Institute. This is her first year as an artist for Art Bra Austin and she is thrilled to have her creation on the Art Bra Austin runway. Her exquisite burger bra is inspired by the food and waitresses of the 1950’s. Each colored layer of the bra is hand-sewn and represents a different ingredient of the burger – gold sequins for the toasty buns, red sequins for tomatoes, green ruffles for lettuce, yellow roses for cheese, and brown sequins for the beef patty. The art bra also comes with a lace-trimmed white apron, skillfully sewn onto a blue and white gingham skirt. Varying shade of pink sequins are sewed onto the apron to form a pink ribbon as a symbol for the fight against breast cancer. Denise also created a matching gingham and lace-trimmed cap to complete the 1950’s look!

Denise created “Pinky’s Nifty Burgers” to honor every single woman that has or is currently battling cancer.


“Pinky’s Nifty Burgers”


Pinky's Nifty Burgers

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

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