30 Days of Artists: Christin Sherburne | Bearer of Hope

Christin Sherburne“Bearer of Hope” will be modeled by its creator and breast cancer survivor, Christin Sherburne. The art bra’s design is taken from the dress worn by fictional character, Katness Everdeen, in the book-turned-movie, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” There is a scene in the movie in which the main antagonist explains why the people of their land look up to Katniss Everdeen. He says “The only thing greater than fear is hope. She gives them hope.” This hope in a time of darkness became the inspiration for Christin’s art bra design. She explains that “when faced with cancer, one of the first emotions that we feel is fear. Survivors, fighters and the BCRC bring hope and support to those faced with a cancer diagnosis. My desire for this piece is that it will inspire hope in those who are beginning to, or are in the midst of, facing the beast that is cancer.”



“Bearer of Hope”

Bearer of HopeThis is Christin’s first year participating in Art Bra Austin. Her art bra is dedicated to her mother, a 15-year survivor, and in memory of her grandmother, who fought for over 20 years before passing in 2009.

Art Bra Austin
June 7th, 2014
Austin Music Hall

To learn more about Art Bra Austin or to purchase tickets, visit artbraauastin.org

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