30 Days of Artists: Blogger & Survivor Channels the Year of the Dragon

Art Bra Artist Lauren WardLauren Ward is many things — a Stage 3 breast cancer survivor, an internationally renowned blogger, a veteran Art Bra artist and business owner. So it probably goes without saying that when she puts her mind to a project, you know it’s going to happen. “I would consider myself more of an engineer than an artist,” she says, “but I love to make pretty things.” Lauren’s Art Bra creation is more than simply pretty — it’s a stunning work of art — and it’s steeped with symbolism she’s come to associate with  her own cancer journey.






Lauren Ward
“Year of the Dragon”

Lauren’s inspiration was the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon. “I was born in the Year of the Dragon, diagnosed in a different Year of the Dragon, and beat cancer in the Year of the Dragon,” she says. Using silk, shantung, jade, glass and swarovski crystals, aluminum foil, thread and lots of trim, Lauren created a corset with a dragon’s head literally coming off the bra and driving out over the shoulder of the model. She painstakingly researched Chinese dragons to make sure she captured all the details correctly, and then finished the ensemble with a headpiece based upon those from Chinese weddings.

Art Bra "Year of the Dragon"

Lauren created her bra in honor of her three children — Henry, Carter and Emmy Ward — who she said kept her strong during treatment. We think the fiery, strong and self-assured image of the Dragon is a perfect description of Lauren and all breast cancer survivors.



All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event on June 6, 2015 at the Austin Music Hall. All funds raised goes to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

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