30 Days of Artists: Award-Winning Minnesota Painter Inspired by Daughter-in-Law’s Cancer Journey

Art Bra Artist Ginny BueideVirginia Randolph Bueide, or ‘Ginny’, has been a painter for over 50 years, exhibiting in over a dozen solo shows & over 50 invitational exhibitions. Ginny is most known for her work with acrylics on canvas and wood panels. Her impressesions of nature, gardens, city and country landscapes can be distinguished by Ginny’s vibrant use of color. Throughout her career, Ginny has recieved several awards, including most recently the 2014-15 Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant Award for visual art and painting.

Ginny often draws her inspiration from the landscapes around her. Over the years, she’s had several studio locations, ranging from New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. In the last few years, Ginny has called Bloomington, Minnesota her home, where she has felt inspired by the surrounding ponds, lakes and woodlands. From this landscape arose her current fascination for waterlilys. Her ‘Waterlily Series’ of 26 paintings will be featured in an upcoming show at the Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota, alongside the metal sculptures of Wayne Potratz. The show is scheduled to run June 6 – July 5 2015.


Art Bra "Water Lily Wonder Bra"

Ginny Bueide
“Water Lily Wonder Bra”

For over 2 years, Ginny has been working on a Waterlily series comprised of 26 paintings, so she thought it would be natural to use this as the theme for her Art Bra Austin. She first heard of the charity event through her daughter-in-law, Deb Coulter Bueide, who is an Austin resident and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. During Ginny’s time in Austin helping Deb through her double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment, Ginny became intensely aware of the difficult journey of a breast cancer diagnosis. This experience inspired one of Ginny’s waterlily paintings, titled “Waterlily Healing Bed.” And at the suggestion of her daughter-in-law, she was moved to create an art bra to commemorate Deb’s experience and healing.

Using silk waterlilies, leaves and lily pads, Ginny used old fashioned trial and error to get the correct placement of all the elements, with the intent to make it comfortable & fun to wear! This art bra was created in honor of Deb, who she says, “was truly a Wonder Woman Warrior throughout her whole healing process!”

Ginny’s painting “Waterlily Healing Bed” as well as other stunning pieces are being shown at the Grand Hand gallery from June 6 – July 5, 2015.  More of Ginny’s artwork can be seen at www.vrbart.com.





All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event on June 6, 2015 at the Austin Music Hall. All funds raised goes to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

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