30 Days of Artists: Ave Five Students Design to Impress

Cibelle, Darrah, and Shelby are all students at Avenue Five Institute. All three used a floral theme in their designs to comfort, nurture, and uplift the model wearing each piece. They chose flowers because flowers bloom each year often under great adversity, much like Art Bra Austin which provides an opportunity for those facing breast cancer to “bloom” again.

Cibelle Duarte Gomes
“Mother Earth”

Cibelle’s was born and raised on an island on the southern coast of Brazil. She draws much of her artistic inspiration from the natural beauty and scenic landscapes of her native island. Though in 2001, Cibelle moved to Austin with her family and feels it was one of her best decisions. With a new beginning, she enrolled at Avenue Five Institute to embrace the challenge of becoming a hair stylist.

Cibelle’s artistic style leans toward impressionism, being more eclectic and using her own life as inspiration. She sees Art Bra Austin as a great opportunity to create something important as she explains “sharing ourselves with others can help us see life through a different perspective—to embrace life, I must embrace change”.

When first conceptualizing the design of Cibelle’s art bra, she felt inspired by the quote, “Mother Earth has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul.”  As she went about picking the elements of her design, she began thinking about water, earth, stones and flowers to represent her theme. She began by draping black shimmering fabric over a bra, and then trimmed it with stones, glittered silk orchids, and assorted pastel flowers. She completed her design by adding green moss. The vision of this special bra reminds us how important the comforting, calming and nurturing of one’s soul can be! Cibrelle has created her bra in memory of her brother and former artist, Marcelo Duarte Gomes.


Darrah Steriotis
Darrah is a student at Avenue Five Institute. She describes herself as “a bit spooky and a bit whimsical” and as a first-time participant in Art Bra Austin, Darrah tell us she really put herself out there by creating two pieces for the show.

“Glam and Grit”
With 80’s pop and counterculture as Darrah’s inspiration, her creation is reminiscent of the connection of “glam and grit” to the Art Bra Model’s experience, —the glam of the runway after the grit to get through treatment! She created her one-of-a-kind design by artfully applying black lace, rhinestones, sparkling bling strips, silver pyramid studs, embellished fabric roses and fishnet to the raven-colored bra then enhancing the straps with more of the silver studs. Darrah finished the look by attaching gun metal and silver chains on the front along with spiderweb fabric strips, and a silver heart pendant. The design is both whimsical and a bit spooky – true to Darrah’s artistic self.

In the world of faery court legends, there is the Unseelie Court of dark faeries which sparked the idea for Darrah’s unique bra of mythical design, since she is an admitted lover of “all things spooky and shiny.” She used a collage of black silk foliage enhanced with black roses to decorate one bra cup and revealed a whimsical image on the other side with swirls of purple and silver sequins, sprinkled with purple rhinestones. Black fishnet peeks over the cups of this ebony bra and to brighten the dark, a scattering of little rhinestone-embellished purple flowers appear! She added rhinestone-studded black lace to the straps and purple ribbons flowing from a moonstone pendant, then draped the bra with onyx black beads. This art bra would certainly be desired by the dark faeries in the world, and maybe the light faeries, too!


Shelby Lehman
“Diamonds in the Rose”

Shelby is a 19-year-old cosmetology student at Avenue Five Institute, who has always had a desire for art. “I love being able to show my creativity any chance I get. Being straight out of high school, it is scary thinking I will be starting my lifelong career within the next few months, but I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world!” Considering herself an artist, she describes her style as girly, yet sophisticated. After hearing of Art Bra Austin from the Institute’s director, she volunteered to participate for the first time thinking it would be a unique experience.

Diamonds are known as the hardest natural material in the world, and their beauty has always been both admired and desired. Combined with the eternal delicate beauty of the rose, this art bra uses these two symbols to reflect strength and beauty. How appropriate for Art Bra Austin! Shelby created her bra by artistically painting the cups of the bra pink which peeks through the sprinkling of black glitter. She then embellished it with a multitude of large “diamond” crystal gems, strings of costume pearls and pastel roses. Completing her design, Shelby accented the front with fine beaded black chains and a chain of rhinestones. More of the “diamond” gems cover the straps with lacy flowers adorning the back of the bra. And remember, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!


All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

Art Bra photography generously provided by Flashbax23.

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