30 Days of Artists: Artists That Celebrate Transformation

Many cancer survivors talk about feeling transformed during their treatment, and even afterwards. There’s a “new normal” that becomes the reality when how you feel, how you look and how you view the world is changed forever. But opportunities also arise that redefine our definitions of strength and beauty — which is perfectly represented by the image of the butterfly. These artists — one survivor, one supporter — chose the butterfly theme for their bras as a way of uplifting the new and beautiful lives of all survivors.

Art Bra "Madame Butterfly"

Karen Ann Smith
“Madame Butterfly”

Holding a BFA  in Design from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Karen has been passionate about creating art her entire life. While Karen’s fine art pieces have lots of movement and draw upon her training as a sketch artist, her children’s art is very fun, colorful and whimsical. She combined the best of both with this moving design, using feathers, sequins and rhinestones for the butterfly and aluminum for the antennas. Every intricate detail was hand-sewn, using a guitar case as a stand-in mannequin until a local Victoria’s Secret had pity on her and donated a real one. An Art Bra newcomer, Karen was inspired to create this stunning bra in honor of her friend and survivor, Dorothy Scheel.





Be Free

Lindsay Freitas
“Be Free”

A cosmetologist by trade, Lindsay holds a degree in Liberal Arts from Texas A & M Commerce, and is also a first-time Art Bra artist. A Stage III 1-year survivor, Lindsay says that when she was done with treatment, she just wanted to be assured that she was free of cancer, and really felt like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. “Be Free” features feathers, origami paper, beads, tissue paper, scrapbook paper and foam paper that were used to create every individual butterfly before sewing each one on by hand. Lindsay’s parents encouraged her to be creative in everything she does, and she is excited about using her creativity to support what she calls “The Cause!”

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