30 Days of Artists: Artists Finding A Way to Give Back

Meet these three lovely women—Erica, Jordan, and Kristi— who have chosen to participate in Art Bra Austin for the first time. As students at Avenue Five Institute taking cosmetology courses, they decided to use their time and artistic abilities to give back and create art bras for this year’s show!

Erica Estrada
“Put Those Gray Days Behind You”

As Erica says, “I’m 23 years young – just a young adult trying to live life to the fullest while still trying to achieve my goals.” She grew up in the small town of Taylor, Texas and attends Avenue Five Institute. Considering herself an artist, she admits, “My first love will always be makeup!” Erica is participating in Art Bra Austin because she believes it’s the perfect way to give back. She calls out her mother as the artistic inspiration behind all her endeavors as she always wanted her to chase her dreams!

Who can resist lots of bright color especially when it’s constructed from lots of crayons?? Erica used almost 600 of them—cutting and meticulously attaching each one to a striking black bra that is edged all around with black lace. In the middle of one cup she has fashioned an iconic breast cancer pink ribbon symbol with pink and silver glitter. The other cup is embellished with a pink glitter heart. She completed her design by adding colored beads at the top and pink glitter buttons around the bottom. Erica says she made this most colorful bra in honor of her “beautiful mother!!!”


Jordan Harvey
“Wonder Woman”

Also a student at the Avenue Five Institute, Jordan’s goal for 2016 is to do as many things as possible for other people. “When this opportunity came to me and my classmates, I knew that I had to jump right on it!” She grew up singing in her church’s choir and in her own words, “has always poured her feelings out in song.” Now Jordan gets the chance to channel those feelings into creating an art bra that will most definitely shine on the runway!

According to Jordan, the female superhero character, Wonder Woman, takes care of herself—fighting against the enemy by doing a monthly self-examination, and when in doubt talking with her doctor! What else would Wonder Woman wear but a beautiful royal blue lacy bra? Jordan added embellishments of red and white glitter stars, silver metallic ribbon edging the cups, and even more glitter! Her “wonder” cuffs are made with glitter covered foam, and the look is rounded out with the classic headband to match!! Wearing this bra is being dressed to take on the world and any enemy!!!

Jordan finds her inspiration in the Art Bra Models, describing them as “Powerful women” because they have gone “through so much hurt and trials, but come back full force to show people they’ve got this!” She can’t wait to see them bravely step onto the runway and flaunt their stuff. She created her piece so its wearer will feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Jordan invites you to check out her professional salon website and follow her on Instagram!


Kristi McDonald

Kristi is yet another talented student from the Avenue Five Institute studying esthetics. She loves to get creative and loves what BCRC is doing with Art Bra Austin. When she’s not busy at school she loves spending time with her family, calling her husband her best friend.

As a caterpillar goes through a regenerative pathological change in the structure of its body tissue to become a butterfly, it is much like the change that happens to a person with breast cancer who goes through chemo and radiation. They come out of that metamorphosis stronger, more beautiful and with the freedom to fly!! With that profound thought in mind, Kristi designed and fashioned her art bra using wings made of lovely variegated sheer fabric stretched onto a wire form attaching them to a brilliant blue bra. She embellished the wings with swirls of glitter, large rhinestone jewels and colorful beads. Kristi completed her design with a spray of pink silk flowers and a gold sheer halter strap. This dramatic art bra could be imagined flying through gardens of blooming flowers and brightening our lives!


All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

Art Bra photography generously provided by Flashbax23.

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