30 Days of Artists: Art Institute of Austin Students Show Community Commitment Through Their Talents

These two talented students from the Art Institute of Austin are both Art Bra Artist newcomers, but they are exploding onto the scene with a surplus of creative generosity. Although neither Anakaren Padron nor Amanda Perez have a connection to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers — or are connected with any one of the models — they both felt strongly that their creative gifts could be used to benefit those diagnosed with breast cancer. As Amanda explains, “No connection. Just here to help! Girl-power, baby!” Art Bra Austin is fortunate to benefit from their passion and youthful spirit.

Art Bra "Sweet Pieces"


Anakaren Padron
“Sweet Pieces”

A Fashion Marketing major at the Art Institute of Austin, Anakaren is also a fashion blogger with her blog, A Chic Closet. “I decide to participate as an Art Bra Artist because it feels incredible being able to give back to women who need it,” Anakaren says, “and even though I am not a designer, I loved exploring my creativity.”

Anakaren’s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, and other members of her family have had additional types of cancer, so she feels fortunate to be in a position to use her gifts to help.

Using vintage retro pieces, bra, tulle and fabric glue, Anakaren hand glued on over 150 tiny decorative elements — many given to her by her grandmother — before adding the tule on the sides. “it means a lot to me that something so small as these tiny embellishments can be so significant in creating a work of art.”



Art Bra "Mariachi-chis"


Amanda Perez

A Fashion Merchandise/Marketing student at the Art Institute of Austin, Amanda says, “I just want to make everything around me beautiful.” And having moved to Austin just over a year ago, she promised herself that she would push herself outside her comfort zone and say “yes” more often.

“Not a single ‘yes’ has let me down!” she says, “And I couldn’t let myself pass on an amazing opportunity to  become a part of such an inspiring community event as Art Bra Austin.”

Amanda recalls her aunt Tia Dora making mariachi Santas for Christmas when she was a child, so she was inspired to create a tasteful bra around that theme. Using mini velvet sombreros, black velvet, rhinestones, a toy violin, fabric trimmings, tissue paper and artificial roses, she combined all of the elements and attached them with glue until she was satisfied with the creation. It’s easy to see how Amanda describes her style as eclectic hippie with a side of sass!




All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event on June 6, 2015 at the Austin Music Hall. All funds raised goes to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

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