30 Days of Artists: Art Bra Models Design Their Own

Inspired by their personal experiences with breast cancer, Anna Rae Gilder and Felisa Thibodeaux each created a beautiful work of art to model at this year’s event. Anna Rae’s design comes from bonding the science of breast cancer with art, while Felisa’s design combines the terror of a turbulent storm with the beauty of living life. Both model-artists are BCRC clients who have a deep appreciation for Art Bra® Austin and how raises funding for BCRC to continue serving women in our local community. Together they bring two art bras with powerful meaning and excitement to our event!

Anna Rae Gilder
“Elegant Danger, The Triple Threat”

This spunky Art Bra Artist, Model, and two-time breast cancer survivor is a fighter living life to its fullest. After all she has been through, Anna Rae declares “I am here today because of love and really smart people! My “village” saved me. My village remains intact and I am better for it. I am profoundly humbled and awed by the beauty of each passing day. Life is good.”

Bringing beauty to a devastating disease is what her bra “Elegant Danger” is all about! Anna Rae took a literal view of what Progesterone, Estrogen and HER2 cells look like under a microscope and turned it into an exquisite piece of art. When viewed under a microscope, Progesterone is green, Estrogen is blue and HER2 is red. Together these stained fluoresced cells are really quite beautiful; and combined together for a wearable piece of art, these colors are stunning! Using acrylic enamel and beaded trim to embellish her bra, a visual image of a “Triple Threat” came alive!


Felisa Thibodeaux
“From the Storm”

Felisa considers herself an artist to the core and says she is never more content than when she is creating something. She finds most of her inspiration in nature, spirituality, and personal experience. After participating as an Art Bra Model for the past two years, she has finally decided to create her own art bra for the show.

Drawing inspiration from her time living on the Texas coast where hurricanes and tropical storms are prevalent, and her new found love of hoop dancing, Felisa spend over 75 hours hand beading her masterpiece. She explains, “Like the violent storms that rip through people’s lives and change them forever, eventually the sun always comes back out and brings people together. Breast cancer is similar. It is a devastating disease that can cause all kinds of destruction, but it can also serve to bring people together to support and comfort one another.” Felisa used thousands of tiny bright glass seeds and bugle beads to create the storm on one side and the returning sun on the other. Then finished the piece with glittered tulle and sequined trim.

Felisa’s “From the Storm” is dedicated to her cousin who was diagnosed last year, and to all of the women who have lost their lives to breast cancer. You can see her other work at her Etsy shop or by following her on Facebook and Instagram!


All art bras will be auctioned off at BCRC’s signature charity event to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer. To learn more about Art Bra Austin, visit www.artbraaustin.org

Art Bra photography generously provided by Flashbax23.

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