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Angela Wicker-RamosAngela is an oncology rehabilitation physical therapist and lymphedema therapist at Seton Breast Care Center. Her artistic style varies depending on her mood. At times she loves humor, playful and youthful energy. At other moments she likes intense, deep and powerful inspiration. However, no matter what the mood, Angela loves innovation, creativity, passion and beauty. She draws her passion, drive and energy from her patients, family and friends.

The Breast Cancer Resource Center has had a profound presence in Angela’s life. BCRC Patient Navigator, Runi Limary, visited the hospital when her mother was having her mastectomy and provided her family with support in the waiting room. Runi was also the person Angela’s mother looked to for reassurance and strength at a time where Angela was living in another state. She credits BCRC for being there in both her personal life and professional life.

BCRC’s patient navigators have provided so many of my patients with support, love, community and strength. I am eternally grateful for this organization. I feel any contribution I can provide is not nearly enough for what they have and continue to give me, my family and my patients.

“Lady Warrior”

“Lady Warrior” is a Steampunk inspired bra with a Victorian-era influence and a hint of science fiction. It portrays the warrior strength, the Victorian elegance and the punk-like tenacity demonstrated when fighting cancer. With elements of science, technology and industry, Lady Warrior also represents the ever evolving discoveries and progress in cancer treatment. In essence, the art bra is a retro-futuristic expression of not only the individual’s fight with cancer, but also the battle fought by our society in solidarity with our friends and loved ones who have been diagnosed. Lady Warrior Lady Warrior is in honor of all of the women Angela has had the honor to treat as an Oncology Physical Therapist.

Visit Angela’s professional Community Page on Facebook, Moving Beyond Cancer: Oncology Physical Therapy.
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Austin Music Hall

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