What is a Patient Navigator

As Patient Navigators, we strive to eliminate barriers for our clients, and we individually assess each person to determine how we can help. The critical window of opportunity, when patient navigation is most effective, is between the point of an abnormal finding and the point of that finding's resolution with diagnosis and treatment. We promote the timely movement of an individual across the entire health care continuum from prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, support and end of life care.

Frequently encountered barriers that may be eliminated through patient navigation:

  • Financial barriers such as being uninsured and under insured
  • Communication barriers such as language/cultural issues or lack of understanding
  • Medical system barriers  such as fragmented medical treatment systems or lost test results
  • Psychological barriers such as fear and distrust
  • Other barriers such as the lack of transportation or need for child care

All of our services are provided - free of charge - to the client. To see a detailed biography of our Patient Navigators, visit the BCRC Staff Page.

To schedule an appointment with a Patient Navigator, contact Amanda Johnson: ajohnson@bcrc.org / 512.524.2560